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Sexy Wrestler of The Week

After weeks of failed tests to determine who you want as Sexy Wrestler of The Week I finally took matters into my own hands and individually counted every single tweet and e-mail that contained a recommendation for this glorious and prestigious prize.

Having done so, let me say this: I don’t know if we’re dealing with a bunch of trolls, hipsters, or jokesters around here on the Internet but I don’t think this week’s winner was nominated by people with good intentions.

I’m all for it… but there’s something fishy afoot here.

Your Sexy Wrestler of The Week is… Mark Henry.

Look, I like Mark Henry. He’s totally revamped his career and has been one of my favorite people to watch recently but to say he beat Adam Cole hurts my heart. In fact, for any of you to vote on someone that wasn’t Adam Cole is concerning. It’s fine that Henry won if you really wanted him to, but I just think you all were being mean.

Now we’ve gotten that out the way, let’s not forget that today marks the end of Adam Cole’s streak as Sexy Wrestler of The Week. We should all hold a moment of silence for the sexiest of all time, Adam Cole.

It seems like only last week I was typing “Adam Cole wins again,” but I guess all good things must come to an end.

Look at that hair… just… oh yeah, umm… anyway, let’s not forget what Adam Cole has done for us.

The countless smiles, the good times, and the hours of fun we’ve spent watching him wrestle. Do not forget that you can always vote for him again, but for now, I’ll leave you with this tribute video:

Thank You Adam Cole. You’ll always be number one in my… I mean, our hearts.


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