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Ask Brad Ward: The Debut Edition

    • Ask Brad Ward: The Debut Edition

      Brad Ward is a true wrestling super-fan. He watches more shows and supports more promotions than any wrestling fan we know. His insight is knowledgeable and unique to a point where we decided to host a weekly Q and A with him.

      To submit questions for next week’s edition of Ask Brad Ward, please use the Hashtag #AskBradWard on Twitter or submit them on AskFM. Brad will choose the best questions each week and answer them every Saturday here on WrestlingOnEarth.

      1. Why do you think viewers tuned out during the third hour of RAW this week?


      Honestly I think it is the perception of what people think of Big Show. He has been booked as a comedy act forever and people don’t associate him as something they want to pay to see. Also, there is the eventual match and booking The Big Show in a title match is not using your talent to their strengths.

      2. Who on the current independent wrestling scene do you think will eventually become the biggest mainstream wrestling star?


      That’s a really hard question because once they get into developmental who knows how long they stay, what gimmick they are given and if they are able to weather the storm of politics. Prince Devitt, Kyle O’Reilly, Davey Richards and Drew Gulak come to mind.

      3. What is your favorite piece of wrestling merchandise that you have ever owned?


      If you know me, you know I love my video games but I think I am going with WWE Wrestlemania programs. It’s always cool to see who made it. It is a litmus of who WWE is pushing over the next year, unless they change their mind. It’s also fun to see the write-ups about the legends in WWE’s perspective.

      4. Who is the biggest talent TNA has failed to get the best out of?


      Eric Young 1000% I think he has the potential to be the level of a Shawn Michaels. I think if a company got behind him in a big way, he could be a pretty big star.

      5. If you could go back in time and see any wrestling show live, which one would you pick?


      Wrestlemania VI. The ultimate showcase of the golden era.

      6. If you were hosting a Wrestlemania 30 PPV party, what food and snacks would you serve?


      • Build your own Nachos
      • Wings
      • Potato Skins
      • Mozzarella Sticks
      • Wrestlemania 30 Cupcakes

      7. Who has the best legs in wrestling history?


      Davey Richards as obviously no one can kick like him!

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