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    • Art Is Wrestling: TJ Hawke

      Not to be mistaken for the similarly titled Mike Quackenbush promotion or Colt Cabana podcast, Art is Wrestling trawls the Internet to showcase some of the best wrestling art we can find.

      I consider myself something of an artiste. All around the world, I am well-known for my glorious contributions to exhibits, galleries, and museums. I’ve given lectures in the finest halls of the most prestigious institutions. In case it is not clear, I am a VERY big deal.

      As such, it’s high time I give something back to you…the people. My portfolio has been sent to many famous graphic design companies in the world, and now you all get to see it.

      “Buying An Unknown Product: King of Trios 2014”


      Occasionally, an artiste such as myself, is commissioned to produce a piece of art like in the days of yore. JP Nichols, an international patron, gave me an idea of what he wanted, and I then produced the magic seen above.

      “The Thin Line Between a Superhero & a Supervillain”


      Inspiration can come from anywhere. I’ll set the scene. Dragon Gate USA is all set for their 2014 Wrestlemania weekend until they run into a snafu…no Dragon Gate talent can appear on the show! What’s an independent wrestling booker to do?!?!

      No matter how many times a wrestler such as Low Ki burns you, you can always go back to him for more of the scintillating action that he’s been producing non-stop since 2006. When Low Ki does professional wrestling, you know it’s real.

      “Hot Topic Outlawz: The Last of a Dying Breed”


      When you think about the idea of a wrestling stable called Outlaw Incorporated (with a grudge against…corporations), I immediately think that said stable should run around in clown masks and edgy clown shirts from Hot Topic. It’s a natural fit.

      “Wrestling’s Kingdom: A Missed Opportunity”


      The Bullet Club is the greatest stable in the history of professional wrestling history. (I make no apologies for making bold statements. If you have a problem with that, I guess you aren’t real enough for me.) Time after time, they have added the tip of the sword to their group in order to remain the very best. Bad Luck Fale. Tama Tonga. Festus. Yujiro. Jeff Jarrett. Scott D’Amore. The list of great wrestlers in the Bullet Club is literally endless. What was the one ingredient missing that could have completed this righteously awesome sauce? Good ‘Ol Jim Ross, the greatest wrestling commentator in history. I will never forgive NJPW for not making this dream a reality.

      “The Bee Boy”


      It’s both a blessing and a curse for a piece of art to not be appreciated in its own time. While the lack of immediate accolades can be discouraging, the knowledge that you have created a piece of art that will stand the test of time and be celebrated forever is worth more than all the #numbers put together.

      “The Road to Wrestlemania?”


      Who is to say what “Wrestlemania” truly is? Wrestlemania can be anything you want it to be. It can be a young lad running around with a stick and pretending he’s Harry Potter. It can be an evening pottery class at your local community college. For one young fan, a late-night screening off Bad Boys II on TNT is his Wrestlemania. It was an honor and a privilege to express this idea for him.

      “The Glorious Cause”


      Marijuana advocacy is the great cause of our time. While we should leave the real work to the scientists like Val Venis and Rob Van Dam, Brad Ward’s…grassroots efforts are to be admired in their own way. I KUSHIDA Brad Ward. You KUSHIDA Brad Ward. We all KUSHIDA Brad Ward.


      My mentor, The King of Arts.

      My protege, Khris. He is my young boy. Don’t support him yet. Wait until he is ready.

      Remember to follow TJ Hawke on Twitter: @TJHawke411