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4 ON 4 Fans: Brad Ward, KeepItFiveStar, Tasha Lethal, Maffew

Welcome to the first Four on Four. We’ve chosen four of the most entertaining and intelligent wrestling fans on Twitter and decided to peer into their minds four questions at a time. This is our first panel:

Brad Ward: Biggest pro wrestling fan we’ve discovered. Video game lover. Cult following on the twitter.
Check out and Brad’s twitter.

KeepItFiveStar: Universally loved by fun wrestling fans. Laugh provider. Fellow #scumbagMTA hater.
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Tasha Lethal: NJPW addict. British. Vegan. Once traded recipes with Daniel Bryan. Seriously.
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Botchamania Maffew: Internet wrestling God. Creator of Botchamania. Pride of Newcastle. Best fake American accent ever.
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1. Who is the best wrestler in the world?

Brad Ward:

Without a doubt Daniel Bryan, just the small things he does like raises his arms when he lands for a drop kick, he is always usually full motion of his body. He is good on the mic, can chain wrestle, has shown to be a good brawler in fights with The Shield. He has that thing that John Cena has – he’s an over zealous ass kicker. His in ring across the world is something that speaks for itself and he is great with the kids.


Right now, the Best Wrestler In The World is Daniel Bryan. He had the moniker years before joining the WWE and now he’s getting a chance to prove it all over again on a much bigger platform. His matches are always exciting to watch. He’s fun on the mic and is one of the rare wrestlers who is universally liked by everyone. Hopefully Bryan will be able to ride out this momentum for as long as possible and become a huge star in the WWE.

Tasha Lethal:

Well, many have claimed to be The One and wanted to put this honourable title around their waists:

Chris Jericho – best in the world at what he does,
CM Punk – best in the world,
Davey Richards – the best in the world,
Daniel Bryan ‘Danielson’ – the best wrestler/performer in the world
(the list goes on and on)…

But. There are “them” and there is… Kazuchika Okada. 26-year old who just beautifully evolved from nobody jobber in TNA to a great and thrilling main-eventer in NJPW, launching himself into the stellar heights of the New Japan sky. Young, hungry, athletic, charismatic, insanely good in-ring performer and a flawless storyteller. The G1 Climax ’12 winner. NJ Cup ’13 Winner. MVP of The Year 2012. Two times IWGP Heavyweight Champion and a current title holder. THE RAINMAKER. The Future. The Best PRO-wrestler in the World. “If people think Japan is a small pond, then I will rebuild the pond with my own hands and make it as large as the Pacific Ocean.”


Best wrestler in the world at the time of this question being asked is Bully Ray. Everything he does is great: He wrestles amazingly well for a big twenty year veteran, he’s a country mile away from everybody else when it comes to talking on the mic, his thighs are enormous and he’s the champ. Plus whenever he wrestles Taz goes into super-suck-up mode, which is always funny. The man with the strap should be the complete package and it’s nice to see a guy improve himself to get to the highest level.

2. Who is your favorite wrestler to follow on Twitter?

Brad Ward:

Kevin Steen. He keeps you in the loop about all things indy, as well as he throws in the casual tweet about major league promotions here and there. As well as he is super good with fans on twitter and it’s interesting to see what life is like as a wrestler and a parent at the same time, that you rarely get.
(Kevin Steen’s Twitter)


My favorite wrestling tweeters are the ones who don’t just stay in character (John Cena.) There’s a few good ones out there like Big E. Langston, Kaitlyn, CM Punk, Colt Cabana, Carlito, but I’m gonna go with AJ Lee. Most of the time she says something funny or makes some pop culture reference to something I like.
(AJ Lee’s Twitter)

Tasha Lethal:

The REAL Rock’n’Rolla, Prince Fergal Devitt. Do I really have to explain why? Really?! Alright then: I’ve followed Prince for a long, long time before his “turn” and loved it. He was always super nice and sweet, replying to everyone, answering question and whatnot. You would say an ordinary tweeter. Then, he started ‘talking smack’ and I absolutely fell in love with his new persona (this lad called MiSu “a Princess”. Only the REAL man can do that *pun intended*). It is just hilarious. And BRILLIANT! But if you are a skeptic little git, don’t waste your breath on me, log-on on Twitter and check it out yourself. Thank me later.
(Prince Devitt’s Twitter)


I don’t use Twitter to follow wrestlers, I use Twitter for cheap laughs and cheaper news. With that in mind, Al Snow and King Kong Bundy.
(Al Snow’s Twitter and King Kong Bundy’s Twitter)

3. When watching wrestling with a non fan, what wrestler(s) make you most uncomfortable/embarrassed?

Brad Ward:

Very good question. I would probably have to say any match with Matt Tremont in CZW, people don’t understand what happens in CZW and shouldn’t be in sports or on television in any shape or form. It’s just how it is.


R-Truth. Everything about him just irks me. I don’t watch a lot of wrestling with non-fans, but when I do, I pray that he doesn’t come on. He shucks and jives, talks like the lady in the Popeye’s commercial and is just a giant embarrassment. He’s offensive to all five senses.

Tasha Lethal:

My dear friend Austin always confuses Triple H with The Undertaker…and it’s getting ridiculous, seriously…


The Miz, because everyone always asks ”so what does he DO exactly?” Hell, you could throw in ‘every WWE face’ nowadays, because they’re all so unlikable if you’re above the age of eighteen. Which most of my dates are.

4. Amanda Bynes. Thoughts?

Brad Ward:

You know I find her very entertaining and philosophically educational all at the same time. I think a lot are scared of her or just put their hands up at her because she did a complete 180 from what she was before. I think she makes a lot of jokes too, that are inside jokes and jokes directed at a certain audience of people who think they are being talked about.

Its hard to tell if she had a substance abuse problem, but I think she is more aware or coherent then she comes off. Granted still at the same time, her behavior isn’t getting her any roles, except for in a playboy from her recent photo shoot. For the record, I legit liked her in movies about 5 years ago, but enjoy her now for a different reason. I really think when the day is done, her twitter is her trying to reinvent herself and trying to rise to the top of a sky that is jam packed with stars.


Like most celebrity trainwrecks, it’s entertaining. The wrestling fan in me wants it to be a work that will eventually lead into a match with Drake at Summerslam, but I doubt Bynes would pass the Wellness Test so…I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Tasha Lethal:

Who is Amanda Bynes? No, I honestly have no clue, I’m British and talk about the Queen and weather only 🙂


I don’t know who that is.


I still don’t know who that is.

There you have it- Wrestler appreciation, twitter love, wrestling awkwardness and a culture clash on Amanda Bynes. I highly suggest you follow all four of these kind folks on twitter. They all entertain us a great deal. We also appreciate them being the first ones to participate.

IMPORTANT! Please send your feedback + folks you’d like to see on this + questions you’d like to have answered to our twitter @WrestlingEarth or via email Or you can always DM @typicalROHfan or @TimWelcomed. They are SOME of our stooges and will forward it over to us.

We have another 4 on 4 with Wrestlers coming this week featuring Kevin Steen, Maria Kanellis, Mike Bennett and Cheeseburger. Look out for that. I promise it’s rather fantastic.



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