Wrestling On Earth’s ROH Coloring Book Competition: Round 1 – Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino

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    • Wrestling On Earth’s ROH Coloring Book Competition: Round 1 – Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino

      If there’s three things the Wrestling On Earth crew loves, it’s wrestling, coloring and spirited competition, so LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

      Tim (@TimWelcomed), Joey (@JoeyOnEarth), Tom (@TomBlargh) and Shelly (@ShellyDeathlock) all chose a page from the ROH Coloring Book (created by the wonderful @punkrockbgmouth) to color, making for four pages in total. There was some arguing about what kind of tools and materials we were allowed to use, but in the end, we decided that everyone could choose between pencils or crayons (though Tom ended up being the only one to choose crayons and he’s pretty salty about it, but whatever).

      We’ll feature a new page colored by each participant every day, before allowing everyone to vote on the winner at the end. That’s it! LET’S GET COLORING!

      Round 1: Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino


      Someone gave the dorks at the ROH commentary table paint and they went hog wild with it. Kevin “Kelly” Kelly is wearing an awful brown cowboy inspired suit and Colby’s dad is dressed to impress in Ronald McDonald’s best Sunday attire.



      I don’t know why but this is how I envision Kevin Kelly in my head. I know how he’s a real human being but I envision him as an alien coming down to earth to talk vaguely about Sinclair fines and the New England independent wrestling scene. One day he will eviscerate Matt Striker on live NJPW PPV to start the war on humanity.

      Steve Corino is also an alien but a less blatant or scary one. Shades of Skeeter Valentine.



      Like my hero “The Big Breakfast” Baron Corbin, I’ve never even HEARD of The Ring Of Honor and I’m frankly disgusted that it exists. However, you know what I HAVE heard of? The Attitude Era, BABY. As a result, I was forced to make some artistic interpretations in all my coloring efforts, so I chose to transform Corino and Kevin Kelly into that filthy pervert Jerry Lawler and Jim “JR” Ross.

      You’ll also notice that I was the only one of us to keep it real and use crayons instead of pencils. Something to think about.



      It’s Halloween at the ROH commentary booth! Not sure why Steve Corino, in his tired Joker getup, is looking so condescendingly at Kevin Kelly in his legitimately cool Zombie Businessman From Hell suit, though.


      Tune in tomorrow for Round 2 of the ROH Coloring Book Competition: THE YOUNG BUCKS!