Wrestling On Air with Brad Ward: Episode 9, 9/29/16

    • Wrestling On Air with Brad Ward: Episode 9, 9/29/16

      We answer YOUR burning questions in this latest edition!

      Join host Brad Ward (@BradWardFight) along with Wrestling On Earth’s own T-Boyz, Tim (@TimWelcomed) and Tom (@TomBlargh), and audio editor Scott (@SocksMahoney) as we learn a lot more about ourselves and our friends! Listen below by subscribe on iTunes and Google Play.

      Episode 9, Not Affiliated With Popeyes or Popeyes Products

      ALERT! ALERT! Tim’s audio in this got very hecked up which is why it took so long to put out. Not to put Tim on blast. We love Tim a lot.

      In this episode: The Boys get sweaty, Brad has a major breakthrough, Brad insists he knows where Carmella lives, the Boys talk about the fine products at Popeyes, and the Gang takes listener fanmail!

      Send us questions!

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