Wrestling On Air with Brad Ward: Episode 3, 10/30/15

    • Wrestling On Air with Brad Ward: Episode 3, 10/30/15

      Meanwhile, in an alternate universe where Halloween is celebrated several days after October 31st!

      Join FRIGHTENING host Brad Ward (@BradWardFight) along with Wrestling On Earth’s own GHOULISH T-Boyz, SPOOKY Tim (@TimWelcomed) and CREEPY Tom (@TomBlargh), and audiBOO editor GHOSTLY Scott (@SocksMahoney) on a SCARETACULAR journey you surely will not forget BECAUSE YOU’LL PISS YOUR PANTS OVER HOW SCARED YOU ARE! Listen below or download the SCAREcast here by right-clicking and saving this link.

      Episode 3, 10/30/2015: Tomorrow is Halloween

      In this EXTRA SCARY episode: Brad gets a whole bunch of facts wrong about WWE 2k16, everyone gets a beer, AN INCREDIBLE CAN’T MISS VEX TEMPER UPDATE, we learn just how inconsiderate Brad is and Tom plans a murder.

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