Wrestling On Air: Episode 55, 12/21/18

    • Wrestling On Air: Episode 55, 12/21/18

      Corianne didn’t reply. She moved swiftly to their closet, dressing herself down with Anoch’s spare fatigues. She grabbed the Mk.72 pistol hanging off the side of the wall and stuck it neatly into her holster. The duffel bag laying on the floor found itself slung over shoulder. She walked to the internal server bank at the bottom of her linen closet, plugging in her personal device.

      It’s the most wonderful podcast of the year! Jammin’ With Tim (@TimWelcomed) is BACK, but this time The Orinch (@orinanne) stole her way onto the show! Yuletom (@TomBlargh) can be found decking the halls with all sorts of minutia, while Snowflake Socks (@SocksMahoney) stands under some mistletoe very patiently. And if you listen close enough, you MIGHT be able to hear Ol’ St. Pat (@Pizza_Suplex) cheering Ho Ho Ho for all the little podcast listeners to hear! Listen below or subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, and/or Stitcher Radio. There’s also an RSS feed!

      Jammin’ With Tim 3: Jammin’ With Orin w/ Patrick Gill

      The Gang crashes Pat’s hip and happenin’ holiday party, Guess My Jam!, Pat gives us an EXCLUSIVE review of IHOP Grinch’s Green Pancakes, Pat gets very personal with Sheamus, a debate on the ethics of Ryback Chat, and YOUR holiday themed questions!

      The inbox is open for questions to be answered on future installments of Wrestling On Air! Just send your questions, comments, goofs, spoofs and opinions to wrestlingonair@gmail.com or tweet them at the hashtag #AskWOA, or leave a voicemail at (737) 4HEY-WOA ([737] 443-9962).


      Holiday Theme (Dance The Night Away JINGLE BELLS Holiday REMIX Festive Party Beats) by Da T-Man
      Licensed to T-Boyz Inc.

      Wrestling On Air Outro (Slumber Off To Dreamland, An ASMR Experience) by Socks Mahoney
      Used by permission from SockCO LLC

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