Wrestling On Air: Episode 47, 8/17/18

    • Wrestling On Air: Episode 47, 8/17/18

      Anointed be the leaders whose hands tilled the same soil as I, for I know they know the suffering of the common person. Do not trust corporations whose apostles watch with 1000 eyes. Brandish your blades, your guns, your pitchfork, your axe, and allow not the murderers to continue as they have. Anoch Til gave her life for our cause and we’ll not allow her name to wither and fade as many before it, not as we’re so close to making the apostles none.

      Hey piss plungers! Join your host Urin (@orinanne) as she dives deep into the bowl with Tinkly Tim (@TimWelcomed), Micturate Tom (@TomBlargh), and sterile Socks (@SocksMahoney) for a brand new episode that’ll just flow right out of ya! Listen below by subscribing on iTunes, Google Play, and/or Stitcher Radio. There’s also an RSS feed!

      The Bathroom Attendant Code

      Orin and Tom share some more bathroom chat from the latest Progress/Evolve show, daddies of Orin’s past and present go head to head as she’s forced to make a heart wrenching decision of who to love most, Tom gets hot for the summer and combats deadly leg diseases, The Source Code Festival, Geomancy Chat, The Gang unveils the lyrics to the WOA theme song, Fuck Randy Orton, and better names for wrestlers.

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