Where Are They Now? Ready To Rumble Cast

    • Where Are They Now? Ready To Rumble Cast

      Ready To Rumble was a film about wrestling. It was not a very good film but to some (me), it is a beloved film. Let’s take a look at the cast and see where they are today and what they’ve been up to.

      David Arquette aka Gordie Boggs

      David Arquette’s character Gordie was a diehard wrestling fan dreaming to become a pro wrestler despite his dreams being shut down by his jerk cop father. Quite similar to the current Triple H/Big Show storyline, it was quite a roller coaster of emotions but Gordie achieved both his dream of being a wrestler and his dad’s dream of becoming a cop (all in a matter of days) by the end of the movie.

      Arquette went on to have a string of bad luck after this film with horrible things happening to him such as getting divorced from Courtney Cox and winning the WCW Title. We kid. David actually donated 100% of the money made from his WCW appearances (which was a lot given WCW’s spending) to the families of deceased wrestlers Owen Hart, Brian Pillman and severely injured Darren Drozdov. Classy move.

      His acting career has been going strong (for David Arquette standards) since then which includes a lead role in one of my favorite cult films – Eight Legged Freaks. Arquette also had to work with aforementioned ex-wife Cox in Scream 4. Awkward.

      Scott Caan aka Sean Dawkins

      Scott Caan’s character Sean was the best friend of Gordie and ended up being a manager for Jimmy King in the big match vs. DDP. Wearing red pants and a fedora, he sparked a fashion culture in wrestling that’s seen in crowds today at shows such as PWG and Chikara.

      Caan went on to have a good career and is currently starring in Hawaii Five-0. Once a part of a 90’s rap group “The Whooliganz,” life sure has peaked for Scott. If the powers that be (Vince Russo and the Harris Brothers) ever make a sequel, we would predict Scott Caan turning down the role.

      Oliver Platt aka Jimmy The King

      Jimmy King started the movie off as a Hulk Hogan type refusing to put anyone else over and being a self entitled prick. He then turned into Bret Hart being screwed by a scumbag promoter. With Gordie and Sean’s psychotic fandom, he took a page of the Hardys with a creepy fan base behind him. During the big match, he now was Ric Flair with his son turning on him for being a jerk of a dad. At the end of the day, he pulled a John Cena and overcame the odds while being the best person he could be. This is the Jimmy King story.

      Oliver Platt has had a very accomplished acting career with numerous roles in films, tv series and tv films. In a role most laughable, Platt starred as the Chief Of Staff in the movie “2012” that obviously was not based on a true story. If for some crazy reason you think Ready To Rumble is the worst movie to exist, please watch 2012 so your opinion can be changed.

      Bad ancient Mayan prediction movies aside, Platt is a good actor which I’m kind of sad about. If his career bottomed out, we’d be able to get Jimmy King photo-ops at various Comic-Con events!

      Joe Pantoliano aka Titus Sinclair

      Titus Sinclair was the two-faced scumbag promoter, shades of Vince McMahon. And Eric Bischoff. And just about every promoter in wrestling ever. One of my favorite characters in the movie, Joe Pantoliano did a nice job. Titus Sinclair now owns a network that airs Ring of Honor wrestling. OK that last part was a lie.

      Probably the most fun and shocking Ready To Rumble cast member to research, Pantoliano was one of the criminals in everyone’s favorite movie “The Goonies.” I just learned that for the first time and it brightened my world.

      Mind blowing to me and likely only me, he was also Captain Howard in the Bad Boys films. Who knew Titus Sinclair had it in him. Aside from his acting career, he has done voice over work in hit video games Grand Theft Auto III and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Goonies, wrestling films, video game voice over, what can’t this man do?

      Rose McGowan aka Sasha

      Sasha was a two timing hussy Nitro Girls dancer.

      Rose McGowan went on to date Marilyn Manson. Enough said.

      Martin Landau aka Sal Bandini

      Sal Bandini! Wanna wrestle? The REAL king. A god among men. He kicked Sid and Perry Saturn’s asses.

      Perhaps the most respected actor on the cast, Landau is still alive and acting at 85 years young. His most recent roles are playing Anna Nicole Smith’s husband in a Lifetime movie and a voice in the animated film Frankenweenie. Honestly.

      The coolest person in the movie and the coolest person in real life. Cheers to Martin Landau.

      Now let’s take a look at some of the WRESTLERS featured in the movie and where they’ve been since the classic movie. Not all the Ready To Rumble wrestlers are listed.


      Diamond Dallas Page

      These days, DDP is teaching yoga and saving wrestlers lives with DDP Yoga. He has admitted he pitched the idea to change the ending of Ready To Rumble that Gordie and Sean would see Page and Jimmy King hanging out after the match realizing everything is a work in wrestling. I’d rather have the Sal Bandini and the Nitro Girls hot tub Hummer ending, Dallas. Thanks.


      Still not very trusting, you can find Goldberg ranting about WWE’s cheap imitation of him, Ryback, on Twitter. He also has a brand new 3 disc DVD set released by WWE coming out this month.


      Titus Sinclair, Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Christian Cage. Everyone still turns on him and he waits until very late to get revenge.

      Booker T

      His dancing days have gone down as he now resides as a commentator (we think?) in WWE. Booker also hates when you lean on his jacket.

      Sid Vicious

      Da man. You can find many fake Twitter’s and Facebook’s of him online but you can’t find the real Sid. Not even at shows he’s booked for.

      Juventud Guerrera

      Passed out drunk somewhere in Mexico. Possibly after losing a bar fight.

      Disco Inferno

      Runs a strip club in Las Vegas. Once said Daniel Bryan couldn’t draw a penny in WWE. Has yet to publicly admit he was wrong.

      Van Hammer

      There are reports that Van Hammer has passed away and there are reports that he’s still alive and well. If you have any information, please let us know. We love you, Van.

      Perry Saturn

      Much like Van Hammer, there were mixed reports about Saturn’s whereabouts for years but he’s resurfaced with a face tattoo and a few years of homelessness under his belt. Saturn appears at indie shows and seems to be in a better place. Aka a place with a roof.

      John Cena

      The three second cameo led to John becoming the biggest star in pro wrestling. The Ready To Rumble casting had a better eye for talent than the WCW management did. Who knew?


      While obviously not an Oscar nominated film, it’s a fun watch to look back at the silliness of Ready To Rumble every now and then.

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