Wednesday Night Wars: July 15, 2015

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    • Wednesday Night Wars: July 15, 2015

      There’s a lot of wrestling on Wednesday nights.

      Every week, @JoeySplashwater will attempt to watch as much of the wrestling programs on Wednesday night as he can. There will be a short recap of each program followed by the pick for Match of the Night, Performer of the Night and who won the Wednesday Night Wars?



      This was one of the better episodes of NXT I’ve seen in a while. The opening tag match was enjoyable with the team of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable already looking like the best in that poor division. Blake and Murphy looked solid in their match too with Alexa Bliss helping them out tremendously.

      NXT was main evented by Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship this week and it was perfect timing with the NXT female talent debuting on Raw this week. The match was pretty good and felt like the first important match on the NXT program in a long time. I loved the emotion at the end and I enjoyed the overall program. Best NXT episode in recent memory.

      Grade: B+



      ROH had one of their weaker episodes this week. Nothing on the show stood out and left an impact. Matt Sydal vs. Adam Page was good as an opener this Decade stuff is becoming unbearable to sit through. Silas Young had another dull match. The main event between Jay Lethal and Mark Briscoe was solid but without an ending. There was a tease for next week’s main event that left a lot to be desired as well. Overall, it was adequate but not worth going out of your way to find.

      Grade: C

      Lucha Underground


      Lucha Underground was similar to ROH this week. Nothing stood out and everything was just adequate aside from the promo segment between Vampiro and Pentagon Jr. A few months ago, I accidentally read a spoiler that this match would be taking place on “Ultimo Lucha” – the promotion’s season finale and biggest show of the year. I couldn’t imagine a road that led to me caring about a Vampiro match but I was proven wrong. Great emotion shown between the two this week and I’m completely on board for this match.

      Everything else was basic at best. Daivari had another boring match, Super Fly and Marty the Moth continue to look like the most pointless wrestlers of all time and even a match between King Cuerno and Killshot aka Shane Strickland (Sorry, Stroud) wasn’t as good as it looked on paper. I also felt the main event angle between Prince Puma and Mil Muertes made me less interested in the match than I was before seeing it.

      Grade: C

      Impact Wrestling


      Dixie Carter was mean. The cool bad ass Bully Ray physically attacked her to teach her a lesson. It worked because she is now nice and thinks he deserves to run the company she owns. Because he beat her up good. This is TNA. I didn’t need to see anything other than the 3 minutes of which this played out. Fuck this company.

      Grade: F

      Match of the Night

      Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte


      Good stuff. I don’t think any other match on Wednesday this week was above average so no competition.

      Performer of the Night



      He made me believe, brother. I cared and was actually happy when he accepted the match. I don’t know how this happened.

      Who won the Wednesday Night Wars?



      It’s kind of funny. Everyone else had weak episodes that are typically of the average NXT episode quality but NXT had one of their better episodes in the same week.

      Wednesday Night Wars Standings

      NXT: 2

      ROH: 1

      Lucha Underground: 1

      Impact Wrestling: 0