TTTTTT Preview: Watch your favorite Twitter accounts fight for the TCW title

    • TTTTTT Preview: Watch your favorite Twitter accounts fight for the TCW title

      The Twitter Tournament To The Title is happening on the Twelfth and Thirteenth. Confused? Don’t be, we’ll explain.

      Our friend Socks Mahoney has been working on this for quite some time and we’ve decided to let him talk to the people about it (mostly due to the Brad Ward vs. Joey Image dream match).

      Take it away, Socks!


      At TCW’s TTTTTT, the first ever TCW World Twitter Champion WILL be crowned in this two-night livestream event, where 16 of Twitter’s finest and independent i-wrestling stars will go head to head to claim the ultimate prize in video game professional wrestling.

      The first round will take place on Night 1, while the quarterfinals, the semifinals and the finals will all take place on Night 2.

      Which competitors and matches have been announced for TTTTTT?

      The first round brackets are as follows:

      Bracket #1

      “The One Man Team” Louie Benson vs. “The Ultimate Mark” Ultimate Markout


      Mah Dry Bread vs. Wrestling On Earth’s own Tim Welcomed


      Bracket #2

      Jonny D w/ Pauly Purple vs. “Krazy” Khristen Young


      Wasim Perviz vs. “The American” Eagle Allen

      Bracket #3

      “The Anime King” Nightlife vs. Daehnke


      “The Typical ROH Fan” Jonas Wakefield vs. “Armbar Jesus” Joshua Pheonix

      Bracket #4

      Pauly Purple w/ Jonny D vs. Tasha Lethal


      “The Canadian Dragon” Brad Ward vs. “Your Italian Hero” Joey Image

      Where can I watch TTTTTT?

      Front row tickets to the event are $20 at the door but you can watch the ILLEGAL livestream at on 9/12/14 and 9/13/14 at 7pm est.

      Ok but what is TTTTTT REALLY?

      TTTTTT is, ultimately, an attempt at improving the quality of our matches through learning finer methods of simulation wrestling and video editing. While we know most people watch for stuff like the promos or the entrances or tongue-in-cheek comedy, we recognized pretty quickly that the match quality wasn’t as entertaining as it could have been.

      So in that respect, TTTTTT is fifteen recorded matches of progress. It’s the best in ring work we’ve done so far, and you can see that progress unfold gradually as the show goes on. If you’re looking for some silly character moments, there might be a few for you, but this show is all about the wrestling. The first night is done entirely in WWE13 (and was recorded well into 2013), while the second night is all WWE2K14.

      Still confused as to what this is all about? See below for the main event of the last show, SocialSlam, featuring Louie Benson vs. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts:



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