Top 10 Potential Wrestlemania Chants During Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

    • Top 10 Potential Wrestlemania Chants During Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

      Let’s face it. It’s going to get ugly.


      If Royal Rumble was bad, imagine 50,000 fans with a large portion of the attendees being diehard wrestling fans traveling from all around the world. The best case for the WWE is that the acoustics in the building are off or it’s hard to get chants heard on TV in such a large stadium. There’s no scenario in which the fans at Wrestlemania 31 accept this match without attempts to “hijack” the show and entertain themselves, especially if Brock Lesnar is leaving the WWE following this match and it leaks.

      I wanted to find a way to make a game out of this to find some form of entertainment for myself when watching Wrestlemania. I’m not sure if there’s one I can make out of it aside from the tired cliche of a shot game but here’s the 10 most interesting possible chants.

      1. Daniel Bryan

      The obvious and most likely chant. A large portion of WWE fans don’t want to quit on the Daniel Bryan dreams no matter how many times WWE tries to erase him from relevancy as a Wyatt lackey or an opening match ladder climber. With the way Royal Rumble went, fans are more prone to being self aware and knowing what makes TV. I can see a scenario where there’s one 20 minute long “Daniel Bryan” chant throughout the entire match.

      2. CM Punk

      The opposite road to the Daniel Bryan chant. If the show is ugly before the main event, fans may be in a more bitter mood and a chant that would be more hostile than “Daniel Bryan” is the never forgotten “CM Punk.” No word yet on if WWE will sue Colt Cabana for the Punk chants.

      Conversely, this may be the time the trolling fans get an AJ Lee chant going as a humorous turn from all the times CM Punk was chanted during her matches.


      3. BORING

      If Brock Lesnar is leaving, this is Wrestlemania 20 all over again. Brock already is very hit or miss and when not facing an elite performer, he tends to get complacent. Will he really care about going full strength circa Royal Rumble 2015 if he’s upset with the pay he’s receiving and on the way out looking to preserve his health for his future plans?

      4. NXT

      This one is a given. With the same fans who want to rebel against the current WWE main roster TV product being fond of NXT, this is bound to happen sooner or later and I’m expecting sooner. There also will be “Ole” chants where JBL will scream it’s about soccer because they are in “Bizarro World” of foreign fans visiting.

      5. Axelmania

      Axelmania will follow the YES chant, Fandango’ing and Bad News Barrett as the ironic chant fans adopt at a Wrestlemania. I’m fully expecting the Andre the Giant Battle Royal to feature Axel getting eliminated first in a comedy moment. This will annoy the fans that enjoy the bit and they’ll remember it later in the show.

      6. Dueling Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose chant

      This could be the meanest chant if fans really wanted to voice their displeasure against Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins holding the MITB briefcase all but guarantees a long “We want Rollins” chant at some point and likely closing the show. If I had to bet, I definitely think Rollins is cashing in and becoming champ at Wrestlemania or the night after on Raw.

      7. We want refunds

      Royal Rumble gave them ideas.

      8. ECDub/Paul Heyman

      If Brock Lesnar is indeed leaving and the fans are against both competitors, look who is conveniently standing at ringside – everyone’s favorite manager/mastermind/manipulator.

      9. We want Divas

      This was debuted during a John Cena vs. Randy Orton title match and we’ve not seen the last of it. With the whole #GiveDivasAChance movement, they may not even be ironic this time around.

      10. Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks

      I just want this one most. How hilarious would it be?

      Comment/Tweet/Facebook/Wreddit share your predictions of chants that will take place during this match and maybe I’ll figure out the right game for it before Wrestlemania comes around.


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