Top 10 Observations from the Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery Movie

    • Top 10 Observations from the Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery Movie

      “Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery Movie” is available on DVD March 25th.

      Scooby-Doo was one of the first cartoons I remember being addicted to as a kid and obviously, I am a huge wrestling fan. Two of my childhood loves meshing together for a movie seemed like a must see. With the film leaking early, I decided to give it a watch and share ten observations I had while watching.

      1. The Miz is a jobber.

      The first thing we see in the film is The Miz being obnoxious while jogging and listening to his own entrance theme. Attacked by Kane, a beast and just life in general, Miz is made to be the butt of the jokes for the duration of the movie. Art imitates art.

      2. There is a giant Triple H sign.

      WWE City is the surroundings where most of the movie takes place. A city with everything WWE, what’s most needed? A giant Triple H welcome sign OF COURSE! Here’s The Miz in his underwear hanging on Triple H’s crotch area.

      3. Sin Cara wins a match over John Cena. Kind of.

      Sin Cara defeats John Cena! OK, not really. We are shown that this is a simulation of a video game Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are playing. Scooby wins with Sin Cara defeating Shaggy’s John Cena. After the win, Scooby wins a dance bonus level which gets Scooby and the gang a free trip to WWE City for Wrestlemania.

      Sin Cara actually goes on to win a match as he and John Cena team to defeat The Big Show and Alberto Del Rio. Even in animated films, the Del Rio vs. Cara feud lives on.

      4. Brodus Clay eats sandwiches during training.

      While training, Brodus Clay is shown eating a large sandwich next to AJ Lee and Santino Marella. Brodus uses the word “funk” many times in the movie.

      5. John Cena really is Superman.

      As giant boulders are ready to crush the Mystery Inc. gang, John Cena literally flies in front of them and uses his superhuman strength to push the biggest boulder off the mountain.

      6. All hail Vince McMahon.

      Every time Vince McMahon enters the film, he is treated as God. See image of Shaggy and Scooby bowing before him. Vince is kind of a jerk as he forces Scoob and Shag to wrestle Kane at Wrestlemania due to Scooby being framed for stealing the WWE Championship. Perhaps Dolph Ziggler or Zack Ryder will now try this tactic to get on the card this year?

      7. Big Show hits John Cena with a picnic table.

      Cena still wins.

      8. Michael Cole has his soul patch.

      Points for accuracy*?

      *I am uncertain of Michael Cole’s current facial hair but I remember him having the soul patch most.

      9. Kane turns face…..again.

      Starting the movie off as a terrifying villain, Kane becomes a friendly good guy at the end. He abides by the Code Of Honor after Shaggy and Scooby get rid of the interfering beast and solve the mystery.

      We couldn’t go a full 90 minutes without a face or heel character turn by Kane or Big Show.

      10. John Cena poses with a WWE Championship that was not his.

      HOW RUDE.

      Things work out as the Championship goes back to its rightful owners to end the film.

      Overall, the movie was quite fun. If you’re watching with younger members of your family, have a nostalgic memory of the Scooby-Doo cartoons or are just a WWE super fan, you will have a lot of fun watching this.


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