Sexy Wrestler of The Year

    • Sexy Wrestler of The Year

      Welcome to the grandest event in the history of pro wrestling.

      You voted and we, being the lovers of democracy that we are, listened. We are gathered here to name out first ever Sexy Wrestler of The Year. Not The Sexy Wrestler of The Week, not The Sexy Wrestler of The Month, and definitely not The Sexy Wrestler of The Season. This is going to change the world and we hope that you are ready for it.

      Let’s count down the participants and their votes!

      Roderick Strong
      1 vote / 2%

      I guess you could say he’s way better at breaking backs than breaking hearts!

      Triple H
      4 votes / 7%

      This was one “game” that people weren’t going to play!

      Dolph Ziggler
      6 votes/ 10%

      He was here to show the world how to get the most votes… NOT!

      Bo Dallas
      7 votes/ 11%

      It’s time to stop Bo-lievin’ if you ask me!

      Mark Henry
      9 votes/ 15%

      More like the World’s Strongest Non-Winner!

      Prince Devitt
      13 votes/ 21%

      Like my grandpa used to say, “close only counts in horse clues and ham grenades!”


      Adam Cole
      21 votes/ 34%

      Here we are naming Adam Cole the official Sexy Wrestler of The Year. Feel free to cry. This man has worked hard all year and has won the title of Sexy Wrestler of The Week more than anyone else. He deserves this and luckily we are all here to witness this momentous occasion as Adam Cole reaches the pinnacle of his career.

      Thank you all for voting. If it weren’t for you, Adam Cole would have never achieved this incredible feet. We are all winners here. This is a moment not to be forgotten.


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