Sexy Wrestler of The Week

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    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Hey! Quit trying to set the time on your VCR because it’s time for Sexy Wrestler of The Week! Seriously though, anyone else having trouble setting the time on one of these new VCR things?

      I’m back counting the votes and writing this article for the next two weeks as the normal person in charge of this is in “Mexico” accepting a “journalism award.” Best of luck to him. He’ll need it. With him out of the way, you can be sure that you are getting the unbiased vote counting that you deserve.

      Now, I know you’re sitting there texting your friends, saying things like “Who is the sexiest wrestler this week” and “Whoa, have you seen who the Sexy Wrestler of The Week is yet? Yeah me either because the writer just keeps typing things and won’t let me have what I want.”

      As a man of the people I will not hold you back any longer. Here. We. Go.

      Your Sexy Wrestler of the Week is Prince Devitt! THIS IS A GREAT CHOICE. Weird how Adam Cole only wins when a certain person is doing this article but at least the truth comes through when I am here. I stand with your votes in solidarity.