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    • Sexy Wrestler of the Week

      It’s that time of the week again. Buy a punch bowl, light those candles and inflate your novelty balloons because here comes the Sexy Wrestler of the Week!

      This week, things got a little bit saucy. We’ve been overwhelmed with emails, tweets, texts and carrier pigeons demanding we stop being exclusive with our voting. In addition to Wrestling On Earth, we are now taking votes from Wrestling On Mars, Wrestling On Jupiter and every other planet with a wrestling fanbase for Sexy Wrestler of the Week.

      With these rules, we’ve had some new candidates and runner ups such as Johnny Nitro (Wrestling On Mercury), Brooke Tessmacher (Wrestling On Uranus) and Moppy (Wrestling On Saturn) but withstanding the slew of new world votes and once again your Sexy Wrestler of The Week:

      Adam Cole