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      Hello again. I hope you have your eyeballs ready because it’s time for The Sexy Wrestler of The Week!

      This week’s Sexy Wrestler of The Week might be a little bit controversial due to timing. We did have an upset and a new winner. Prince Devitt came in second. Adam Cole came in third. It was all very close.

      I don’t have my “Sexy Vote Counting Spreadsheet” (SVCS as we call it in the biz) because all of my files were lost this morning (as was my main computer) due to an intern with a clumsy hand. Once I reveal the winner I will give the vote count from what I can remember off the top of my head to prove that we did not do this to capitalize on any recent news for clicks.

      Now, without any more hesitation…

      There you have it. CM Punk is your new Sexy Wrestler of The Week. This is his first time to be crowned with such a prestigious award and it was all thanks to you, the voters. I promise.

      Here are how the votes checked out (from what I can remember):

      CM Punk: 312,931,121,920 votes.

      Prince Devitt: 312,931,121,918 votes.

      Adam Cole: 312,931,121,915 votes.

      So as you can see, this was totally legit just as it is every week and was not faked in order to exploit a popular news item for page views. Have a great week!