Sexy Wrestler of The Month: June 2013

    • Sexy Wrestler of The Month: June 2013

      Did your screen just steam up? Do you feel like you just soared off on a large butterfly? Probably… and I’ll tell you why!

      Your screen became foggy as you felt like you were flying around on the back of a majestic winged insect because you’re not only looking at but also EXPERIENCING Wrestling On Earth’s inaugural Sexy Wrestler of The Month, Adam Cole.


      “Mr. June 2013” was handpicked out of thousands of pro wrestlers, male and female, to be named the sexiest of the month. We like to imagine he is pro wrestling’s Blanche Devereaux… except he’s a young male and doesn’t live with three hilarious old women (not to our knowledge anyway).  You are probably still staring at the photo so I’ll give you a few minutes to regain your composure…

      …Okay, get it together. Time is up. We’ve all got lives to live and unfortunately can not daydream while looking at pictures of the current Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion on the computer all day. We probably should, but we can not. Adam Cole was selected based purely on his sexiness, but it should be noted that he’s a swell in-ring competitor and one of the most gifted talents on the independent scene today.

      HEY YOU! Is Adam Cole not making your insides all of the different types of warm like he is ours? Well then, be sure to tweet who you think should be July’s Sexy Wrestler of The Month to @WrestlingEarth or e-mail us at


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