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Seven Things: 7 Most Memorable Wrestling Moms

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Happy Mother’s Day! Time to count down the seven most memorable moms in the history of pro wrestling. Looking at some of their memorable moments and giving them a rating on a scale of one to five pies based off their kayfabe motherhood skills, let’s get into it!

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7. Linda McMahon

The first mother of the WWE Universe and failed politician, Linda McMahon was mostly on television during The Attitude Era. Mother of Shane and Stephanie, wife of Vince, Linda is mostly remembered for getting Tombstone piledriven by Kane on the stage, getting slapped by Stephanie, delivering a swift kick to Jim Ross in the testicles, being comatose while Vince made out with young women and coming out to the old Wrestlemania theme song.

Pie rating: *1/4

6. Mrs. Cleavage

Mosh of The Headbangers was repackaged as Beaver Cleavage, the son of Mrs. Cleavage. They were supposed to be a parody of the TV series Leave It To Beaver but less wholesome family entertainment and more incest teases. It lasted less than a month after debuting. Attitude Era, man. Attitude Era.

Pie rating: DUD


5. Dawn Marie (step-mother of Torrie Wilson)

Torrie Wilson’s father Al visited Smackdown and fell in love with Dawn Marie. They got married against Torrie’s wishes and Dawn by proxy became the step-mother of Torrie Wilson. We’ll get more in depth with the Al Wilson story when looking at the 7 Most Memorable Wrestling Dads. During the Al Wilson era, Dawn tried to seduce Torrie Wilson thus giving us kind of another weird WWE incest angle!

Pie rating: **3/4

4. MizMom

MizMom watched Randy Orton beat up Miz on RAW as she looked on heartbroken. Her husband, MizDad, did not do the same as he had no reaction to Mike The Miz in the ring. Shades of the WWE fan base. Apparently, MizMom and MizDad took plenty of pics with eager fans Wrestlemania weekend in New Orleans.

Pie rating: ****

3. Christy ShawJust watch it.

Pie rating: *****

2. Shelton Benjamin’s Momma

Comedian Thea Vidale was signed by WWE to play the role of Shelton Benjamin’s “momma.” While Shelton was on a long losing streak, his mother appeared determined to turn her son’s fortunes around. From reigning discipline down on Shelton after losses to cheating in attempts to help him win, Momma Benjamin was always there for her son. The end of her time on television came when she faked a heart attack to help Shelton defeat Ric Flair to win the title. Shades of many Flair matches back in the NWA days.

Pie rating: ***

1. Judy Bagwell

Judy Bagwell has had quite the history in the pro wrestling business. Her son was everyone’s perennial favorite WCW punching bag Buff Bagwell. Judy’s introduction to the wrestling world in 1998 was being named Rick Steiner’s tag partner when he was looking for someone to hold the other half of the WCW Tag Team Titles after Judy’s aforementioned son Buff betrayed Rick in a match. Judy slapped Buff but never wrestled a match as the champion, unfortunately.

A few years later, during a feud between a now babyface Buff Bagwell and his latest enemy Chris Kanyon, the big PPV match between them somehow became a Judy Bagwell On A Pole Match. Vince Russo, ladies and gents.

The end of the Judy Bagwell era takes us to WWE when WCW was bought out and Buff was one of the guys retained over to be one of the leaders of an invading WCW group. The story goes that one week into his WWE tenure, Buff Bagwell pretended to be hurt and had Judy call WWE to tell them her son was not feeling well. Judy Bagwell, mother for life.

Pie rating: *****


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