ScoopZone Elite: September 21, 2015

    • ScoopZone Elite: September 21, 2015

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      News for The Week of September 21, 2015


      • Kane and Big Show played a game of chess to decide which of the two would get the yearly Autumn PPV title shot.


      • We can confirm there will be a Slammy Award given to the best Swerved prank of the year.


      • Rusev has been looking into a surgery to get hard rubber implanted to the bottom of his feet so he may go back to wrestling barefoot. He believes this will put him back on the right track.

      More WWE

      • Roman Reigns has pitched a WWE Network show where he and various wrestlers fist bump in various locations around the world. Vince McMahon loved the idea.


      • Chris Jericho is going to be revealed as Dean Ambrose‘s absentee father.


      • Vince McMahon is supporting Donald Trump by giving a WWE Network talk show to JBL and Eric Bischoff.


      • Jeff Jarrett doesn’t actually know how to play guitar.


      • Jeff Hardy will sign with WWE when they allow him to be Willow.


      • Lance Storm has purchased extra white rice, shredded lettuce and plastic forks for a party this week to celebrate the return of The Big Bang Theory to CBS.

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