ScoopZone Elite: October 13, 2014

    • ScoopZone Elite: October 13, 2014

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      News for The Week of October 13, 2014


      • Dolph Ziggler’s fall-back plan is to be a sponsored tweeter for @Midnight.


      • Roman Reigns threw a “Get Well” cake in the trash because it had pink flowers on it.


      • With John Cena’s selection for the WWE 2K15 soundtrack announced, we can confirm that his taste in music is as good as his taste in shorts.


      • TNA is scouting to find a shady charity run by corrupt people to one up WWE working with Susan G. Komen this month.


      • Mike Tenay hides orange peels in Taz‘s car to rib him.


      • While TNA may be going through hard times,  they are happy that the number of illegal streams for their shows is at an all-time low.


      • Michael Elgin has been tweeting any and all baseball players who were active during the 1994 MLB Strike for character advice on his angle quitting ROH.


      • Kurt Angle has no clue where he’s going to end up.


      • Lance Storm cried during The Walking Dead season premiere and he is NOT ashamed.

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