ScoopZone Elite: May 11, 2015

    • ScoopZone Elite: May 11, 2015

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      News for The Week of May 11, 2015


      • Vince McMahon fell in love with podcasts when he was a guest on Steve Austin’s and wants to start his own where he discusses current events. Close friends say they are constantly telling him this is a bad idea.


      • Pepsi is no longer sponsoring anything WWE related after Roman Reigns insulted their logo being used in the form of body art.


      • Triple H stands in front of his wardrobe for about three hours before every show debating on if it is time to bring the denim and leather combo back.


      • Dixie Carter is filming a reality show about how long she can ignore reality.


      • TNA had lost all interest in getting Bully Ray back until they saw him in a WWE ring in January.


      • To make up for canceling their China tour, TNA is looking to sign Chyna to a long term deal.


      • Chris Jericho is trying to secure some new gigs starring in The Expendables 5, hosting Redneck Island 2, and selling t-shirts with the word “WHAT?” on it.


      • Taz tells everyone he thinks was born after 2000 that he used to have a cartoon character based on him.


      • Lance Storm is very passionate about the outcomes on those celebrity lip sync shows.

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