ScoopZone Elite: January 21, 2016

    • ScoopZone Elite: January 21, 2016

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      News for the Week of January 21, 2016


      • WWE has offered a huge contract to AJ Styles. It’s just a normal contract but it comes with the promise of never making him get blonde highlights put in his hair.


      • Dean Ambrose practices smirking into a mirror for an hour before every show.


      • Dewey Foley was responsible for Baron Corbin humiliating Frank the Clown.

      More WWE

      • Chris Jericho has been pitched to star in the WWE Studios film “15 Going On 50.”


      • Vince McMahon not being strong enough to open the Royal Rumble tumbler balls was a rib on his perception of Tyler Breeze.


      • Finn Balor continues to tease The Bullet Club coming to WWE. This time he spray-painted “Bullet Club might be coming to WWE but we’re probably just going to change the name to Balor Club for legal reasons. It’s pretty obvious already but I’m giving you all a heads up anyway” on the back of one of his opponents after a match. Backstage Triple H and the NXT staff praised his ability to paint so many words on such a small space and have it be legible.


      • Austin Aries still shows up to TNA tapings to chastise anyone eating meat at catering.


      • Mike Bennett is working on a new catchphrase now that he has realized saying “you witnessed a miracle” after he defeats someone makes him look bad.


      • Lance Storm throws snowballs at city buses in his spare time.

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