ROH Best in the World 2015 Preview and Predictions

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    • ROH Best in the World 2015 Preview and Predictions

      Friday PPV? Huh.

      Giving thoughts and predictions on what to expect from the PPV is @JoeySplashwater. The T-Boyz are E3’ing and Joey wanted to rush this post. DEAL WITH IT.


      Dalton Castle vs. Silas Young


      Dalton Castle is one of the best new additions for ROH because he’s weird as fuck and very original. Silas Young is talented but kind of basic. I don’t know what to expect here aside from the obvious story of flamboyant Dalton vs. “man’s man” Silas. You’ll have to like that style of comedy in wrestling to fully enjoy this one.

      Interest Level: 4/10
      Prediction: Dalton Castle wins.

      War Machine vs. Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman


      First rant of the post – Why is Cedric Alexander in this match? Yes, I know it’s likely to turn on his former partner Caprice Coleman and become fully established as a heel. That would make sense if Alexander didn’t just end Moose’s undefeated streak on TV via villainous tactics.

      It should have been a big moment that leads to him having an important singles match on this show but instead he’s taking a step back in heel moments. Don’t get me wrong. This match could be awesome if it were just the two teams but it’s going to be focused on a very predictable swerve.

      Interest Level: 6/10
      Prediction: War Machine wins.


      Mark Briscoe vs. Donovan Dijak


      Much like Dalton Castle, I like Donovan Dijak as a new addition to ROH. Dijak looks massive compared to the other wrestlers in ROH and with every wrestler doing flips and dives now, it looks more impressive when someone his size does it. He also has a weird cool finisher. I’ve grown a new appreciation for Mark Briscoe in the 10 minute undercard slot as he usually helps round out the card.

      Interest Level: 7/10
      Prediction: Mark Briscoe wins.

      Matt Sydal and ACH vs. The Addiction (Adam Page and BJ Whitmer)


      Matt Sydal and ACH deserve much better. Adam Page is talented but yikes did The Decade got rough very fast. The main story in this match is probably BJ Whitmer and Steve Corino’s son vs. Steve Corino. How can you not a find a better match for someone like Sydal on a PPV?

      Interest Level: 3/10
      Prediction: Matt Sydal and ACH wins.

      The Addiction vs. reDRagon for the ROH Tag Team Championship in a No DQ Match


      Rant time. Daniels and Kazarian aka The Addiction were revealed to be the faction that were interfering in matches under red masks. Along with Chris Sabin, the reveal was done very well as a title change is always significant in ROH as well as a return. The Addiction turning heel and being champs is also a good move.

      Here’s the problem – This happened months ago and there’s been NO explanation by Daniels and Kaz on TV or live shows. Why are they doing this? What’s the purpose of the Red Skulls? The way it’s been portrayed is that we should already know why and all the months this was built around was just for a typical sloppy wrestling turn. Oof.

      That has annoyed me in watching ROH lately and I had to get it out. The match itself should be great. The Addiction are way more comfortable in the cocky heel roles and the fans adore reDRagon. I’m assuming Sabin or someone else helps the champs retain.

      Interest Level: 7/10
      Prediction: The Addiction wins.

      Moose vs. Roderick Strong vs. Michael Elgin in a #1 Contenders Match


      I would not be surprised if this ends up being Match of the Night. Roderick Strong is doing the best work of his career right now. Moose is one of the most exciting new talents on the indies. Michael Elgin has been extremely consistent this year in ROH matches that doesn’t involve NJPW talent.

      I’ve been adamant that Moose should be the next ROH champ. Ring of Honor plays it painfully safe with title changes to the point where it would do them some good to take a chance. Moose isn’t a 30 minute workr8 wrestler yet so many feel he needs to develop. I think you should go the other way. Have him be a dominant champ that wins with his power. What’s the worse that happens? ROH fans turn on him? Yeah, like that won’t happen with anyone who holds that belt.

      Considering how much potential he has, Moose should be the one to end Jay Briscoe’s title reign. There’s a reason you had to outbid Tough Enough and Global Force for main use of him.

      Interest Level: 9/10
      Prediction: Roderick Strong wins.

      Bullet Club (AJ Styles and Young Bucks) vs. The Kingdom (Adam Cole, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven)


      You can argue the AJ Styles and Young Bucks trio is the best thing in independent wrestling right now. The Kingdom have been hitting a peak in trios matches too since Adam Cole returned. I loved their match during one of the NJPW shows and the rematch should be great. It’s basically a PWG style match except not in front of the Sitterson/Landis crowd and not following matches that did the exact same thing hopefully. Predicting the Double Meltzer Driver debuts here.

      Interest Level: 10/10
      Prediction: Bullet Wolfpac wins.

      Jay Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal for the ROH World Championship and the ROH TV Championship


      The build for this match has been very good. I love Jay Lethal but I don’t think putting the title on him is the right idea. With his current (wonderful) act, he’s wrestled almost everyone on the roster for his TV title. If he’s the one to unify the belts, he’s basically just repeating his title reign. As mentioned before, ROH plays it very safe with the World Title and Lethal is the best safe choice so I’m expecting a title change.

      Interest Level: 8/10
      Prediction: Jay Lethal wins.