IMPACT In 5 Pictures Or Less: Spin Cycle Edition

    • IMPACT In 5 Pictures Or Less: Spin Cycle Edition

      In 5 photos or less, we usually show the most relevant screenshots from each week’s episode of IMPACT.

      This week, we are doing something different. I have been without my laptop for the past two IMPACT Thursdays thus missing out on the latest happenings in TNA. While considering going back and watching those episodes, I figured to give us all a treat and do the feature on the latest Spin Cycle video instead.

      TNA’s Spin Cycle has been one of the most entertaining things in wrestling lately and I suggest you all check it out. This is specifically on the Spin Cycle featuring the game “Spin, Lose Or Draw” where they play Pictionary. Here is a link to the glorious video as the 5 Pictures Or Less doesn’t do it justice.

      “Rockstar Spud” by DJ Z


      “Dixie Carter” by Rockstar Spud

      “Earl Hebner” by Robbie E


      “Robbie E” by EC3


      “Sanada” by Sanada


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