Grading The Global Force Wrestling Roster Reveal

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    • Grading The Global Force Wrestling Roster Reveal

      Global Force is real!


      Jeff Jarrett announced the first few names for his new promotion. Here are the wrestlers and instant reaction to each.

      Chris Masters


      The popular opinion about Chris Masters during his last days in WWE were that he was improving. That thought process has gone on since he was let go by WWE in 2011 but has anyone really seen it? Jeff Jarrett worked with Masters in TNA’s short lived India promotion Ring Ka King but Masters work there was basically just doing the Masterlock challenge. If Jarrett uses him the same way, it’s impossible to get excited about it until he proves himself as more than he was in WWE.

      Grade: C

      PJ Black


      Ever since asking to be released from WWE, PJ Black fka Justin Gabriel has not been very impressive. Watching him feels like someone saying “I will go to the indies and do cool moves”, thinking that’s the formula most of the top acts have followed which isn’t true in the slightest. Black definitely has talent and athleticism. He just needs to put it together somewhere and maybe that is Global Force but much like Masters, it needs to be proven. That could be a positive. Wrestlers with motivation to change their identity in the industry.

      Grade: C+

      Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows


      Looking at the roster of actual wrestlers so far, the most (and only) established brand is definitely The Bullet Club. Many of us are tired of the act but it’s still very successful and making money which is the name of the game. Jarrett should be trying hard to get AJ Styles and The Young Bucks as well but if this is the only form of the Bullet Club he could lock down, then good for him. An established tag team and a popular brand is what you get with these two.

      Grade: B

      Harry Smith and Lance Archer


      These two guys that couldn’t find a full time role wrestling in America for years have become a successful tag team in Japan as The Killer Elite Squad. They are a fine tag team but not a big difference maker. Ideally the 4th best tag team in your tag division. Think the APA when WWE had a stacked roster of tag team depth.

      Grade: C+



      Moose is the best announcement if Global Force Wrestling has him long term. One of the most unique athletes in wrestling, the former NFL star just improves with every match. Moose has something special and if I were Jeff Jarrett, my main priority would be trying to make Moose one of the faces of my promotion.

      Grade: A



      Sanada is a tremendous addition to TNA last year when he first started. The Japanese star has charisma, a great look and an outstanding wrestling style. TNA then made him wear face paint and become one of James Storm’s love slaves. This is a really interesting addition to Global Force by Jeff Jarrett stealing someone that TNA found. Hopefully Sanada has a prominent role. The word Global is in the promotion name and Sanada helps showcase that.

      Grade: B+

      Thea Trinidad


      Her work in TNA was not noteworthy. She has shown personality on the indies so having her be a member of a women’s division isn’t bad. If she’s expected to be among your best wrestlers in a female division, then that’s not a good thing. The prospect of Velvet Sky vs. Thea Trinidad matches is not the way to build a strong women’s division.

      Grade: C

      Lei’D Tapa


      Her only noteworthy experience was on TNA and she was not good.

      Grade: D-

      Chael Sonnen


      Does he make racist comments? Does he make sexist comments? Is he delusional and self-obsessed? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then Global Force Wrestling have found their “expert analyst.” Based off the way it was announced, the fact that Jeff Jarrett is going with a “shock jock” choice to be the early face of his promotion as a commentator sets the wrong tone. Good luck with Chael in a talking position where the job is to get others over.

      Grade: F


      The first roster reveal was interesting but underwhelming. You’re looking for a big splash when you tease something for such a long time period and this isn’t it. The list is full of middle tier talent, some interesting prospects, a shock jock, but no true top talent names or rising young stars that are already established as “the future of pro wrestling.” There’s more confusion than excitement.

      Grade: C-