Wrestling On Earth’s ROH Coloring Book Competition: Round 3 – The Briscoes

    • Wrestling On Earth’s ROH Coloring Book Competition: Round 3 – The Briscoes

      If there’s three things the Wrestling On Earth crew loves, it’s wrestling, coloring and spirited competition, so LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

      Tim (@TimWelcomed), Joey (@JoeyOnEarth), Tom (@TomBlargh) and Shelly (@ShellyDeathlock) all chose a page from the ROH Coloring Book (created by the wonderful @punkrockbgmouth) to color, making for four pages in total. There was some arguing about what kind of tools and materials we were allowed to use, but in the end, we decided that everyone could choose between pencils or crayons (though Tom ended up being the only one to choose crayons and he’s pretty salty about it, but whatever).

      We’ll feature a new page colored by each participant every day, before allowing everyone to vote on the winner at the end. This is day three- you can see the previous efforts here:


      Round 3: The Briscoes


      Dem Boys are here and they are ready to let you know about their lifestyles through the art of tattoo. Tumblr’s Favorite Redneck and The Sandy Fork Shrek Super Fan may live two very different lives but in the ring you can see that they are definitely brothers through their chemistry and raw aggression.



      Sorry, guys. I had no interest in drawing tattoos here. My main selling point in acquiring the ROH coloring book was to make The Briscoes pink and purple cutie pies with snazzy pants. I think it lived up to my expectations and was worth every penny.

      Reach for the pie, boys. Preferably cherry. They only need one plate but two forks.



      The Briscoes? Are they Gerald’s kids? Who knows, who cares – the only bad-ass brother tag team I care about is “The Deadman From Death Valley” and “The Big Red Machine”, aka The Brothers of Destruction.

      Notice I chose to depict Undertaker in his Limp Bizkit-loving biker gear (i.e. the truest representaiton of the character). This is also my favourite Kane outfit, though given how much skin it exposes, it did start having me question whether he was really burned up in a fire or not.



      I was actually startled at how many wrestling tattoos I could remember the theme and placement of off the top of my head. I’m so ashamed. I should get some new hobbies. Also please note their lovely curly beards and pastel locks.


      Tune in tomorrow for Round 4 of the ROH Coloring Book Competition: DALTON CASTLE! You’ll also get to vote on the winner!


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