Wrestling On Earth Summer Contest: We Have a Winner!

    • Wrestling On Earth Summer Contest: We Have a Winner!

      The first Wrestling On Earth Summer Contest is over, and we have a winner for our ‘wrestlers in the summer’ themed competition!

      We’re proud to announce that the winner of a t-shirt of their choice from ProWrestlingTees.com is…

      Josh, aka @xIAMHOLLYWOODx, for the pictures and recap of his incredible wrestling-themed summer barbeque. Take it away, Josh!

      “For this hopefully annual contest, I wanted to submit some pictures from a BBQ that my friends and I put together for my birthday and the Money In the Bank PPV. The only real rule was to show up as a wrestler, it didn’t matter if they were real or a classic CAW.

      It was a true celebration of summer and wrestling. Prizes would be given to best costume, sticking to their gimmick throughout the day, etc. My girlfriend at the time (Velvet Sky), had served a bunch of wrestling themed food like CM Punch, BEER (Money), Macho Man Slim Jim, etc.

      The crew was quite the combination of WWE Stars, some high flyers from the indies and people that were not too pleased to be forced into playing dress up.

      I started off with deciding to be Dasher Hatfield

      It didn’t take long to figure out that this was going to be hell to wear outside for half of the day, so I switched up to some CM Punk gear, complete with a fake lip ring and tattoos courtesy of a marker.

      At the party, we had Lita

      Jeff Hardy….

      What I believe to be an old version of Sting

      Velvet Sky

      AJ Lee

      Gail Kim

      An updated Sting

      John Cena

      Beer Money

      Rey Mysterio and The Miz

      …and most importantly, El Generico!!!

      The whole crew was there, including Stone Cold, a white Sugar Dunkerton and some dude named Coyote Studly.

      We had a chop contest which was an awful idea…

      We had a Money In The Bank pinata…

      In the main event, Generico and Hardy had a 5 star table match…

      It was the greatest collection of Wrestlers in the Summer that you will see in 2013. Thanks for running the contest! – Josh @xIAMHOLLYWOODx.”

      Thank you Josh, and than you to the other entrants too! Enjoy your free t-shirt – hopefully it’ll hide the scars from the chop contest (WHICH IS DEFINITELY A TERRIBLE IDEA BUT GOD BLESS YOU FOR TRYING).


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