You are currently viewing Wrestling On Air: Episode 66, 7/27/19

Wrestling On Air: Episode 66, 7/27/19

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Orin (@orinanne) and Tom (@TomBlargh) no-show Tim (@TimWelcomed) and Socks (@ScottBloodborne), but will that stop the pod? No way, baby. Listen below or subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, and/or Stitcher Radio. There’s also an RSS feed!

An Episode

Socks and Tim get stood up in the writers room. It’s fine. Everything’s fine. Don’t panic. It’s fine. Points of Interest: Socks is fuckin pissed, K-CHAT, the Tom’s Baby Chronicles, the Chat of Thrones, WOA Politico, The Gang’s Favorite Bodily Fluids, Aron’s Battle Arts, Natalya’s Catboys, Big Beef With Benson, and Who’s The New Hobbes?

Wrestling On Air – 66 – An Episode

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