You are currently viewing Wrestling On Air: Episode 63, 6/1/2019

Wrestling On Air: Episode 63, 6/1/2019

We figured out how to update the website again! We think? Probably?

The original bad boyz are “back up in ya” as Orin (@orinanne), Tim (@TimWelcomed), Tom (@TomBlargh) and Socks (@ScottBloodborne) deliver another award-winning podcast slamdunk. Listen below or subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, and/or Stitcher Radio. There’s also an RSS feed!

Real Estate Steve Vs Conrad Mortgage

The Gang gets into some Chernobyl Chat, The Crew gets thirsty (yum), Orin has a tummy ache, a rousing game of Pro Wrestling or Kamen Rider Finishing Move, a comprehensive history on the little company called AEW, Conrad of House Mortgage, Ryback Forever Ryback Always, AJ Styles makes a furry friend, BREAKING Jack Gallagher news, Orin cuts a promo on some cheese curls, and wrestlers who are secret Disney guys.

Wrestling On Air – 63 – Real Estate Steve Vs Conrad Mortgage

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