Wrestling On Air: Episode 61, 3/30/19

    • Wrestling On Air: Episode 61, 3/30/19

      FUCK THE SUN!!! – Graffiti on Apostolic Enterprises HQ on Hale, date of origin unknown.

      Grab your popcorn movie lovers! The Box Orinffice (@orinanne) is open and the Tilm (@TimWelcomed) reel is rollin’! Get lost in the Cinematomgraphy (@TomBlargh) and spill your popcorn on the floor just to watch the Ushocks (@SocksMahoney) sweep up your discarded remains. Listen below or subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, and/or Stitcher Radio. There’s also an RSS feed!

      Dante’s Inferno Match

      Tom and Socks prepare to fight, Orin commits some banana bread related podcasting sins, The Gang gets charitable, Tim gets into politics, what makes a man a Big Boss Man, angel knowledge straight from the fount of Tim, The Crew gets into their various musical pasts, Ryback gets quote happy, a spooky Lana reboot, ham habits, booking a Dante’s Inferno match, and is the Big Show a big filthy liar?

      Wrestling On Air – 61 – Dante’s Inferno Match

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