Wrestling On Air: Episode 58, 1/31/19

    • Wrestling On Air: Episode 58, 1/31/19

      “The Moon is not what they say it is.” – Archival recordings of Council Of Grand Efficacy leaked onto the ÆTHERNET, source unknown. Uploaded on rotation Minerva, Day 44, 2323. Recording date unknown.

      It’s time to Rest. In. Peace. And enjoy this latest episode! Our fans called in to grieve with us over the loss of one of the biggest icon in the world of professional wrestling, WWEMarkWCalaway. Join the Undorintaker (@orinanne), The Detim of Death Valley (@TimWelcomed), The Detom of Death Valley (@TomBlargh), and The American Socks Ass (@SocksMahoney) as they’re here for you in this trying time. Listen below or subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, and/or Stitcher Radio. There’s also an RSS feed!

      Turkish Honeytrap

      The WWEMarkWCalaway Grief Hotline, The Gang finds out their sex star ratings in Horoscope Chat, if you cut my ass, will it not bleed, an exploration into the noises Tom’s dad makes when you snuggle him, Lana’s disgusting ass dirty ass feet, and which NXT wrestler eats the most bugs?

      The inbox is open for questions to be answered on future installments of Wrestling On Air! Just send your questions, comments, goofs, spoofs and opinions to wrestlingonair@gmail.com or tweet them at the hashtag #AskWOA, or leave a voicemail at (737) 4HEY-WOA ([737] 443-9962).


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