Wrestling On Air: Episode 26, 10/27/17

    • Wrestling On Air: Episode 26, 10/27/17

      It’s a super special SPOOKY edition of Wrestling On Air where we completely forgot about it being a holiday! Ahhhhhh!

      Join host Orin aka The Big Dog (@orinanne), along with Tom FKA The Big Dog (@TomBlargh), Da T-Man, Tim (@TimWelcomed), special secret selfie taker Socks (@SocksMahoney), and special guest Patrick Gill (@pizza_suplex) of Polygon.com. Listen below by subscribing on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher Radio. There’s also an RSS feed!

      Episode 26: 4,000 Hours of Kissing w/ Patrick Gill

      In this episode: Jarek 1:20 shows off his most successful kissing tricks, The Gang checks in on their good buddy Ryback to see if he’s doing ok, Impact Pizza dissappoints millions, Daniel Bryan’s secret blend of anti-vax herbs and spices, can we truly trust DDP to teach women the ancient art of yoga?, Randy Orton lizardperson conspiracy theories, and Buddy Murphy’s pig’s YouTube account.

      Wrestling On Air – 26 – 4000 Hours of Kissing w/ Patrick Gill

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