Wrestling on Air: Episode 12, 4/11/17

    • Wrestling on Air: Episode 12, 4/11/17

      It’s a new generation, and a new episode!

      Join host Tom (@TomBlargh) along with Wrestling On Earth’s own Broken T-Man, Tim (@TimWelcomed), audio editor Scott (@SocksMahoney), and your new teacher Orin (@orin_anne), and school starts NOW! Listen below by subscribe on iTunes and Google Play.

      Episode 12, Season 2: The New Class

      In this episode: Tom tries (and does a really bad job at) hosting the show for once, Orin regales us with her Wrestlemania Tales, a heaping helping of Candy Chat, we make horrifying discoveries about The Bellas’ real nicknames, and a debate about compote takes place.


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