Wrestlers vs. Zoo Animals

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    • Wrestlers vs. Zoo Animals

      Two things we love here at Wrestling On Earth are pro wrestlers and zoo animals. There have been many photos circulating of wrestlers visiting zoos. We decided to compile the best and put them all together.

      For you, the reader, we will closely examine each of these photos and learn at least one important tidbit worthy of loving, living and sharing. Only because we’re professionals like that.

      Daniel Bryan

      Featured in our How To Be The Best In The World feature, Daniel Bryan spends some time with a koala.

      What we learned: Everyone wants to hug Daniel Bryan, even koalas.

      The Miz

      Another wrestler featured on our site in the past, The Miz also spends some time with a (less fortunate) koala.

      What we learned: Don’t feel bad next time you fall asleep during a Miz promo – cute animals do the same.

      Jeff Hardy

      Jeff Hardy with a snake. The snake looks to be very dangerous.

      What we learned: Jeff Hardy looks way too comfortable with a dangerous animal around his neck.

      CM Punk

      The koalas are back as CM Punk stares one down.

      What we learned: Judging by their facial expressions, the koala isn’t straight edge and CM Punk disapproves. He probably also feels sorry for it because it doesn’t have any tattoos.

      Triple H

      Triple H feeds a kangaroo.

      What we learned: I know it’s supposed to be about the animal interaction, but is that a FANNY PACK in Triple H’s other hand? Fanny packs confirmed to be THAT DAMN GOOD (and WWE’S COO confirmed as not understanding that you’re meant to wear them around your waist).

      Rey Mysterio

      ANOTHER KOALA. What is it with wrestlers and koalas? Anyway, Rey Mysterio gets the most out of his time with a slightly shorter mammal.

      What we learned: Koala bears are not above going for second base on Rey Rey.

      Randy Orton

      Koalas will apparently hug anyone, getting a rare smile out of Randy Orton in this picture.

      What we learned: Koalas aren’t intimidated by meaningless skull tattoo sleeves.

      Kofi Kingston

      Multiple photos of Kofi Kingston’s trip to the zoo.

      What we learned: Kofi looks hesitant to initiate contact with the animals and seems to be mostly in it for the photos. Boo, Kofi! Boo! Appreciate wildlife more!

      William Regal

      William Regal looking as calm as ever with a gigantic snake wrapped around his neck.

      What we learned: Regal also owns multiple snakes in real life and is the undisputed baddest man on the planet.

      Brian Kendrick

      Brian Kendrick has a swell time at the zoo.

      What we learned: The genuine joy on Kendrick’s face in these photos can melt any heart.

      Mr. Anderson

      Mr. Anderson being himself at a zoo.

      What we learned: The annoying asshole gimmick may not just be a character he plays on TV.

      Hardcore Holly

      Hardcore Holly treats a kangaroo to dinner and a show.

      What we learned: The guy with a reputation as the biggest bully turns out to be the biggest softie when surrounded by animals.

      Colt Cabana and Kevin Steen

      Colt Cabana and Kevin Steen with a koala bear. Steen is known for being a zoo enthusiast, as seen in his merch.

      What we learned: Kevin Steen has the firmest grip of all the koala pics we’ve seen. Confirmed to never let go of said koala.

      As a bonus, here’s a Vine of an emu pooping near Colt Cabana.


      Kittens aren’t zoo animals obviously but all photos of Goldberg playing with kittens must and will be shared. It makes the world a better place.

      What we learned: If any adorable animals had been in late ’90s WCW, they would have broken Goldberg’s streak just by beating him into submission with their cuteness.

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