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Wrestlers Are: Boy Bands

While “Wrestling Is” many things in today’s world, we’re here to show you “Wrestlers Are” also many things on Earth.

The first edition of “Wrestlers Are” will be Boy Bands! We will be comparing the current WWE factions to your favorite 90’s boy bands.

The Shield are NSYNC:

Justin Timberlake = Dean Ambrose

The most obvious comparison in this piece. Justin Timberlake was clearly the predicted superstar in NSYNC and eventually went on to fulfill his potential. Dean Ambrose has the former down pat and likely will deliver on the latter. Another nice comparison is that Justin was on Mickey Mouse Club and Dean Ambrose was on the wrestling version of Mickey Mouse Club aka Gabe Sapolsky’s pedestal.

33% JC Chasez/ 33% Chris Kirkpatrick/ 33% Joey Fatone = Seth Rollins

JC was the second star of the group and arguably the cutest, similar to Rollins in The Shield. (I said ARGUABLY. Do not beat me up, fan girls!) Chris had the most unpredictable hair and I can easily see Seth adopting the Kirkpatrick dreadlocks. And much like Seth Rollins, Joey Fatone once appeared in TNA but you have no memory of it.

Lance Bass = Roman Reigns

Stereotyped as a body guy, Roman Reigns “came out of the closet” as a really good wrestler.

The Wyatt’s are: Backstreet Boys

Bray Wyatt = Nick Carter

Nick was arguably the face of the BSB and Bray is definitely the face of the Wyatt family. Both also have little brothers with half the talent and twice the annoyance in Aaron Carter and Bo Dallas. Although, I would pay to see Bo Dallas rap about beating Shaquille O’Neal in basketball.

Luke Harper = Kevin Richardson

The oldest and scariest of their groups but they seem like they’d be a teddy bear in real life. Kevin probably would have probably been less out of place in Age Of The Fall than Brodie Lee was.

Erick Rowan = Brian Littrell

I didn’t know Rowan’s name before Google search and Brian was the one Backstreet Boy I didn’t remember the name of. Perfect match!

3 Man Band Are: 2Gether

Shy Chad = Drew McIntyre

As a huge fan of the 2Gether show, I recall Chad never standing out or doing anything memorable. Personality twins!

Bad boy Mickey = Jinder Mahal

Out of place, both were/are ironically charming to watch and neither will ever hold a WWE title.

Bald Kevin = Heath Slater

Kevin was the chubby, old guy who did physical comedy. Much like Heath Slater, he can laugh at himself….. while we laugh at him. It’s an art only few can master.

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