Wrestlemania On Earth: Wrestlemania 30 Predictions

    • Wrestlemania On Earth: Wrestlemania 30 Predictions

      With Wrestlemania tickets going on sale a week from tomorrow and the calendar only five months away from the big day, we decided to make our predictions for what the card will look like.

      Site members @typicalROHfan, @TomBlackett and @TimWelcomed give their (un)educated guesses on what the card will be for Wrestlemania 30.

      These are predictions; not fantasy booking or what we necessarily want.


      typicalROHfan predicts the Wrestlemania 30 card:

      • John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. CM Punk in a Title Unification Match

      John Cena will be the World Champion. Randy Orton will be the WWE champion. CM Punk will win the Royal Rumble and break new grounds by choosing both titles as his Wrestlemania match of choice. It’s Wrestlemania 30. They have to do something huge here. The three biggest active WWE stars of the last decade facing off to unify the titles would be a cool moment. If only Bryan was in Orton’s place, this could be the coolest match ever! I think CM Punk will win this match when it happens.

      I wish this happened at Wrestlemania 28. Or even Wrestlemania 27 fresh off of Lesnar’s UFC departure and weird interaction with The Undertaker. I hope that UFC interaction is brought up somehow. I don’t think Undertaker ever pinned Lesnar during Lesnar’s original WWE run so that should be a cool dynamic they play up. Perhaps they have a Hell In A Cell gimmick as a sequel to their 2002 classic.

      • Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H

      I hope Bryan and Punk have a role reversal here with Bryan in the title match main event and Punk having the personal based feud with Triple H. The Game surely has to do the job for Bryan given the way this story has unfolded, right? Right? Oh fuck. You’re right, it’s Triple H. Pedigree and crotch chops all around, nerds.

      • Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns for the US Title

      I see The Shield breaking up before then and instead of one guy branching out (like Reigns is suggested to), I think they will all split. Perhaps Reigns breaks out first and the triple threat match is booked but the other two guys turn on each other for the prize of Wrestlemania spotlight. Shades of that forgettable Legacy Wrestlemania match.

      • Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust

      Goldust has been pleading for this match to happen at WM for a few years and he’s finally in a position for it to happen. It’s more fitting than ever actually now. Goldust has become quite more popular than Cody in the last few months and a nice way to get the shine back on Cody would be for Goldie to eventually turn on him for the money of Camp Levesque. Cody could get the win here and get elevated into the main event picture afterwards.

      • Big E. Langston vs. Sheamus for the IC Title

      Big E is getting the big push. Sheamus should return as a heel. I can definitely see Sheamus returning as a corporate puppet and Langston being the dude who takes it to him. One of the RAW episodes before the event could feature a Sheamus and Orton vs. Cena and Langston vs. Punk and Bryan match as a funny juxtaposition of WWE happenings.

      • Big Show, Rob Van Dam, Mark Henry and Rey Mysterio vs. Corporate Kane and The Wyatt Family

      There has to be a filler match with a lot of people in it. I assume it’s revealed soon The Wyatt Family are working for the McMahon’s or even Kane in some bizarre explanation. They prevent Big Show from winning the title and he leads a strange group of future Hall of Famers to take them down at Wrestlemania.

      • Goldberg vs. Ryback

      WWE have realized how horrible Ryback is. Goldberg’s ego would want to go over someone. Goldberg arrives. Spear. Jackhammer. Game over. He never shows up again. WWE sacrifices a stiff to add another legend to the card and hope to create a special moment. That would rule.

      • Hulk Hogan returns!

      I think WWE will hold off on Hogan’s return until a Wrestlemania surprise. The Real Americans (Cesaro, Swagger and Colter) will be harassing a celebrity ambassador or some legendary wrestler(s), the music hits and Hulkster comes down to the ring and takes it to them, brother. Even Zeb Colter may get in the bump action. Leg drops and celebration all around in front of a stoked New Orleans crowd.

      However in my dream world, the team of Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper and Ultimate Warrior would beat up Three Man Band.

      Hell, I’d even love to see Hogan leg drop The Miz and throw him out of the ring.


      Tom predicts the Wrestlemania 30 card:

      • John Cena vs. Randy Orton in a Title Unification Match

      It doesn’t seem like Randy will be losing the belt for now, and having him presented as the ‘face of the WWE’ seems to make a Cena feud the natural conclusion to things. ‘Unifying the titles’ is the kind of stip that they can throw together easily enough to make the match feel bigger than it is and ‘worthy’ of headlining the anniversary ‘Mania, even though it’s ultimately meaningless.

      • Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker

      Short of a CM Punk rematch, I can’t think of another opponent for Brock. For ‘Taker, the only alternative feels like John Cena, but I think that can probably wait another year. It’ll probably be pretty good, I guess?

      • Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk

      Man, this took a while to decide on, mostly because of how tricky it is to place Punk in a match. I could totally buy him being added to the main event, but WWE has been pretty set on having the Wrestlemania main event be a singles match in recent years, and I feel like that’s something Triple H would believe in even more strongly than Vince.

      So, while it’s entirely feasible that either or both these guys could be added to the main event, I think it’s more likely they’ll be paired off against each other to provide the big ‘workr8’ match. It’s a little out of left field, but the seeds are being planted right now with the two of them teaming to fight The Wyatt Family, so they could have a split in a few months and get to fight over who gets to have ‘Best in the World’ on their shirts. Meanwhile, ROH will frantically put out another five compilation sets for each guy to capitalise on the match.

      • Big Show vs. Triple H

      My first choice to fight Triple H was Bryan, but given how he’s been shifted out of the main event picture for now (and because I can’t think of anyone else for Big Show to fight, short of Libertarian Kane), they might as well be paired together. Big Show comes to the ring in his big rig, Triple H comes out to Metallica, they have a horrible match, everyone gets what they expected.

      • Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust

      I almost hope this doesn’t happen, since those Rhodes boys are doing so well right now. Part of me wants them to keep the tag belts up until ‘Mania and have that be where the split happens. Anyway, my assumption is that Cody will turn heel around the time of the Royal Rumble – he’s been pretty good as the fiery youngest member of the Rhodes clan, but Goldust has hit that status where I can’t see him getting booed. He’s an old man in face paint, y’know? Once he starts getting beat up and the face paint starts coming off, everyone’s heart breaks. It’s sympathetic Sting syndrome!

      • The Shield vs. The Usos vs. The Real Americans

      You could maybe add Los Matadores or another team, but I don’t know how necessary that would be. It really seems like the tag division is starting to come together so I think they’ll try and continue that momentum by giving them a little time at Wrestlemania to shine. A ladder match would be a cool way to cement the ‘return’ of tag teams to WWE, while also being a nice callback to all the Dudleyz / Hardyz / Edge & Christian classics. However, they seem to like to save those kinds of matches for the gimmick PPVs, so maybe that won’t happen.

      I also think we might see a Cesaro face turn and split from The Real Americans around this time, because the giant swing is impossible to boo.

      • Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus for the US Title

      Hey, remember Sheamus? Yeah, me either. Anyway, I assume he’ll be back and he’ll need something to do, so he might as well fight Ambrose.

      • Some kind of multi-man tag match where Big E. Langston, Alberto Del Rio, Fandango, Mark Henry, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and various others can do stuff.


      • Hulk Hogan makes an appearance, gives Heath Slater the big boot.

      NO LEGS ARE DROPPED BECAUSE OH MAN, HAVE YOU SEEN HIS SPINE LATELY?! Anyway, the Hulkster then poses for six minutes longer than he was supposed to and the Divas match gets bumped as a result.


      Tim predicts the Wrestlemania 30 card:

      • John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. CM Punk in a Title Unification Match

      I think they’ll want to do something big for the 30th Wrestlemania. They have Orton and Cena already set up as champions. I think they’ll have Punk win the Royal Rumble and challenge for both of the belts in a 3-Way. I personally would love CM Punk to have the title unification moment in the main event of Wrestlemania. I think Daniel Bryan would make more sense as a participant in this match and as the winner as of right now but a lot can change. I do see John Cena being the winner and the one to unify the titles, even though he doesn’t really need it.

      • The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

      They’ll need a match for Brock Lesnar. Undertaker will not be facing Ryback because there is a someone looking out for us. This has been what I figured they would want to do ever since Lesnar returned anyways. Have Paul Heyman use CM Punk not getting the job done against The Deadman at Wrestlemania 29 as a sort of catalyst for him to say Brock can get the job done. We all know the outcome. The Undertaker defends the most prestigious thing in all of pro wrestling, his “The Streak” successfully.


      • Daniel Bryan vs. “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels

      I usually would hate the idea of an old wrestler coming out of retirement. Especially to take a spot on the card at Wrestlemania. However, this isn’t just  Shawn Michaels we are dealing with here. This is Shawn Michaels versus Daniel Bryan. If you’re not going to put a strap on Daniel Bryan after all of this at least let him beat a returning Mr. Wrestlemania at Wrestlemania. I think if HBK is ever going to come back this is it. This NEEDS to be it. I just have a gut feeling this is going to happen and we will all love it. Daniel Bryan will get the win here.

      • Los Matadores vs. The Usos for the World Tag Team Championship

      I don’t see WWE giving up on Los Matadores by Wrestlemania. Epico and Primo are great despite the ridiculous gimmick they’ve put them in, at least. I’m assuming The Shield will be over or reaching the end of it’s implosion by this point. The Real Americans will be busy with something else on this night. The Usos will be defending tag champions. This will be Los Matadores’ big night as they win their first tag team titles on the biggest stage of them all.

      • Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust

      With this being talked about in the past, I would guess this is the time for it to happen. Last time I had heard of talk of this, I really didn’t want it to take place. I’ve never been a huge Goldust fan until this run. He’s been one of the best parts of WWE lately and I would love to see the two brothers square off now, although it is a shame that their tag team will have to split. Cody Rhodes will get the win here.

      • Triple H vs. Big Show

      My brain says “I really hope this feud doesn’t last until Wrestlemania” and my gut says “Triple H will have to have a match at Wrestlemania.” I’m going with my gut feeling here. “Gut” is a funny word, isn’t it? I love funny things. Anyway, this will happen. Big Show will win. Not many will care.

      • Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns

      With it being more and more clear that Roman Reigns is going to be the one who turns face and leaves The Shield because he has big muscles I guess, I see them ending the feud here with Roman Reigns going over Ambrose. Maybe he even overcomes Seth Rollins interference.

      • Multi-Man Tag Match with the face team being led by Hulk Hogan

      With Hulkster Hogan coming back, I assume he’ll want to be in a match at Wrestlemania. I also assume that he can barely move enough to have one. Through many scientific calculations on a calculator the size of a thimble, flipping my computer screen every way imaginable, and staring at it intently with my hand on my chin, I’ve reached the conclusion that Hogan will be in the usual throw-a-bunch-of-midcarders-into-a-big-tag-match as the leader of the face team and get limited ring time, as he will just work enough to do his signature moves and to hulk up leading to the pin ending with the face team joining him to do his poses as Real American plays.

      • “Big” E. Langston vs. Chris Jericho for the US/IC Championship unification match

      This was extremely difficult. I think Langston will have a match on the card. I also think Jericho will come back and need an opponent. So I’m taking a complete shot in the dark here. Jericho comes back, wins the Intercontinental Championship. Since the big two championships are being unified they might as well unify these too. “Big” E, Langston beats Jericho and unifies the titles.

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