WCW Comic Book Reading Club: Issue Two, Page 12

    • WCW Comic Book Reading Club: Issue Two, Page 12

      WCW: The Comic Book was published in the early 90s by Marvel Comics. Nobody in wrestling or comics paid it much attention, and after 12 issues, it was cancelled and lost to the ages. Until now.

      On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, @tomblackett will post a new page of the WCW comic with his comments and we’ll read through it together. We’ll be there for each other, through the good (Vader! The Steiners! Sting! Cactus Jack!) and the (Johnny B.) Badd.

      WCW: The Comic (Issue Two, Page 12)

      WCW: The Comic is probably the property of Marvel Comics / WWE, though I’m not entirely sure. This website makes no claims to own it; all panels and images are posted in the spirit of fair use and are the property of their respective owners and creators.

      Tom: Ron Simmons showcases his ultimate angry face, but Lex Luger counters it with a terrifying expression of his own:

      Anyway, look, I’m SUPER bored of reading and writing about these two, so I’m going to take a break and pass the reigns of the WCW Comic Book Reading Club over to one of Wrestling On Earth’s favourites, Lance Storm:

      Lance: Hello. My name is Lance Storm and I’m here to provide a technical breakdown of Lex Luger vs. Ron Simmons in ‘WCW: The Comic’.

      Ron begins by putting Lex in the Torture Rack, but then throws him out of the ring a panel later.

      Why would he do that? If he wants Ron to submit, then he should have kept him in the ring. That just doesn’t make sense. Also, the hold was very poorly applied.

      I don’t appreciate the appearance of the shadowy trenchcoat-wearing figures in the front row:

      This kind of outside interference detracts from the athletic competition in a way I find deeply distracting. Additionally, the way they give Lex a pair of brass knucks before proceeding to escort him away from the ring is another thing that doesn’t make sense. If you give a heel a foreign object, then it should be used IMMEDIATELY.

      I’m very frustrated by how poor the psychology is in this match, and as a result, I’d like to formally announce that I am hereby boycotting the WCW comic. I’m not interested in debating the match or hearing other’s take. Tom asked my opinion so I gave it. End of story.

      Tom: …uh, okay. Thank you Lance, though I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it. Maybe we’ll be able to get him back, but I woudn’t count on it. When Lance Storm boycotts something, it stays boycotted! See you on Friday.


      @tomblackett is super into wrestling and comics. He also writes The Merch Table for this very website.


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