Twitter Theater: Best of Joseph Park

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    • Twitter Theater: Best of Joseph Park

      All the world’s a stage and pro wrestlers on Twitter are merely players.

      I’ve found that reading certain wrestlers interact on Twitter to be as fascinating as any form of entertainment so we had to put it all together with a ribbon and bow. Not literally. You get NO ribbons or bows. Sorry.

      Usually the Twitter Theater has been home to the tomfoolery side of wrestlers. This time, we go more serious and look at a great man. Joseph Park arrived to find his missing brother in early 2012 and he’s had to deal with hardships. We document his struggle dealing with adversaries who have a “bad case of the smarks” as I told Joseph and just celebrate the man, the myth, the lawyer as he embarks on his first Bound For Glory match this weekend.

      Act I: Park vs. Image

      Joey Image was an indie wrestler known for being a tool on Twitter. He was kind of the opposite of a cult hero in that not many people knew of him but most he interacted with would grow to strongly dislike him.

      Image tried making fun of Joseph Park by saying he got his own name wrong as it should be spelled “Parks.” Joseph replied:


      Image tried backtracking. In true lawyer fashion, Joseph doesn’t let him off the hook.


      In true bully fashion when confronted, Image tried to laugh it off by wordplay jokes. Don’t mess with Park, punks.


      Image calls himself a “worker” and compares himself to Joseph’s missing brother, Chris….. you know Abyss?


      To end the saga, Joseph Park sums up the thoughts of anyone who has ever had Twitter interactions with Joey Image:



      Act II: #SmileBradWard

      Unlike Image, Brad Ward is a sweetheart. Joseph Park is obviously a sweetheart. This was a situation of two similar bulls having a bull sweetheart showdown for the ages.

      Here’s how the feud started:


      Park won’t stand for this and continues to defend himself.


      As the day goes by, Joseph makes it his mission to add some sunshine to Brad Ward via smiles:


      Joseph attempts to rectify this messy situation.

      Brad Ward apologizes like an adult.

      Joseph Park accepts like an adult.

      The legend of #SmileBradWard lives forever.

      All’s well that ends well (with a smile)

      Act III: Potpourri

      Overall Joseph Park greatness.

      He’s not afraid to ask the insiders for help…

      And he doesn’t stand for snarky creeps.

      Last but not least, he loves the #ParkMarks.

      Follow the Twitter legend: @JosephPark_ESQ and cheer him on IMPACT.