Top 10 Tweets of October 2014

    • Top 10 Tweets of October 2014

      Time to rank things for no reason whatsoever!

      Each month, I’ll pick out my personal favorite tweets and share it with you fine folks. Keep in mind this is 100% subjective and only features tweets on my timeline.

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      10. Brad Ward on dirt sheets knowing Jim Ross

      9. Anime King 420 on Big Show vs. Rusev


      8. ilyass shoots on Taz

      7. American Airlines kills Michael Elgin with kindness

      6. Brad Ward congratulates Bo Dallas

      5. Edge shoots on an Adam Rose segment

      4. Bobby Fish jokes on a delusional ROH wrestler

      3. Anime King 420 on Kazarian’s TweetSecret

      2. Jervis Cottonbelly on The Walking Dead

      1. Brad Ward on haters and trolls


      3. Bully Ray powerbombs Davey Richards

      2. ilyass draws Sami Zayn

      1. Tom draws Taz

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