Top 10 Tweets of March 2015

    • Top 10 Tweets of March 2015

      Each month, I’ll pick out my personal favorite tweets and share it with you fine folks. Keep in mind this is 100% subjective and only features tweets on my timeline.

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      10. Kevin Owens on Alex Riley’s “memorable” moments

      9. Mad Genius on Chris Jericho dissing fans

      8. CM Punk Kid on life

      7. Wale on Young Bucks matches

      6. EC3 on Bill DeMott

      5. Brad Ward on TNA PPVs

      4. Jim Ross living the life

      3. ilyass writes a classic poem

      2. Gabe Sapolsky on Bullet Club parodies

      1. Hideo Itami makes CM Punk GO TO SLEEP


      3. Wrestlemania is weird

      2. Robbie draws Kevin Owens

      1. The Evolution

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