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Thy Kingdom Come: Deleted Scenes

Triple H’s 17th best of DVD was released this week. With a mind boggling name, “Thy Kingdom Come” couldn’t fit all of Hunter’s memorable moments. We were able to find one of the many extra discs of deleted scenes.

Deleted Scenes

  • Triple H on racial issues

Notice the Stinger1981 writing in the corner? WWE subliminal message much?

Don’t think the disclaimer under the screen is a sign of compassion. Each bonus disc has a false “apology” that will let WWE know which person with a screened copy leaked it. (Sorry, Zack Ryder.)

  • Metallica video tribute

Wow! Metallica’s song was somehow cut from Thy Kingdom Come?! Sources say three WWE releases will be coming soon to pay Metallica’s “glutton pride” fees.

Is it me or do you see Cody Rhodes face at random times? OK, the subliminal messages aren’t that subliminal.

What a beautiful video showcasing the King in rare form. WWE’s editing seems to have gone down in quality, though. Weird.

  • Triple H on the WWE roster

Listen to The Game give his most candid thoughts on the WWE roster.


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