This Or That (6/17/2014)

    • This Or That (6/17/2014)

      Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

      Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlackett will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

      Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

      Which Paul Heyman client is more likely to win the WWE Championship this year?

      Brock Lesnar – 64%, Cesaro – 36%

      Who do you dislike seeing on featured  on TV more?

      Kane – 70%, Big Show – 30%

      What will be the more successful PPV?

      ROH Best In The World – 88%, TNA Slammiversary – 12%

      Least fashionable E3 press conference?

      Microsoft – 63%, Sony – 37%

      Who will have more WWE World Championship reigns in the next 3 years: John Cena or Roman Reigns?

      Who will dominate the title picture over the next three years? Does Cena finally have competition for the spot as golden boy?



      I can see Roman Reigns having a single longer run as champ but Cena will hold the belt more times. I think they’ll do anything they can to make Reigns the next face of the company but it’s going to take time. I’m curious to see if they book him well after he finally wins the title. WWE isn’t very good at that.

      John Cena


      This one is interesting and the question within it is if Roman Reigns will hold Cena’s spot as the face of the company going forward. After last night’s RAW and seeing the crowd go crazy for his win to enter MITB, I’m more fascinated than ever to see what happens with Reigns future. I actually think he can do it and break the 9 year streak Cena has going of being “the guy” in WWE.

      Don’t get me wrong. His act will eventually be tiring as the ultimate babyface or “Superman” who is very protected but I can see him withstanding that storm and connecting with the majority of the WWE fans. Plus he has more of a “bad ass” personality that will have a lot of the male fans craving for him to overtake Cena. Reigns will be “the guy” starting next Wrestlemania for a long time after.

      Roman Reigns


      While I think old R-Double might end up being champion for a longer period of time over the next three years, I think it’s still Cena who’ll end up with the greater number of individual reigns. He’s the guy the title goes to whenever there’s a meltdown and things get reset, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

      While I think Reigns will have a pretty long tenure as champ when he finally does get the belt, I don’t think he’ll be in the position of ‘go-to guy’ for a while. It’s still so, SO early to make any judgements, but FUCK IT: Roman Reigns, I judge thee unworthy to lead the Cenation. Six months in the cubes, creep.

      John Cena

      Better place-holder heel to win MITB: Randy Orton or Alberto Del Rio?

      If WWE were to go with a heel to hold the title for a month or two before dropping it to a returning Bryan, which would you prefer?



      ADR. ADR. ADR. He may be bland and forgettable but he can have pretty good matches and plus, his name is not Randy Orton. I never want to see another Orton vs Bryan match. I never want to see Orton with that title. I have had way too much of that lately.

      Alberto Del Rio


      Neither of these guys are an exciting choice for champ but if one were to hold it for a couple of weeks, I’ll take Alberto Del Rio. I prefer his in ring work to Orton and think he would have an awesome match with new opponents like Dean Ambrose or Cesaro before dropping it. In terms of facing Bryan, I’m good with skipping the Orton/Bryan matches for another few years after seeing it so many times.

      Alberto Del Rio


      No more Orton as champ for a while, please. I wouldn’t particularly look forward to Del Rio as champ either, but he’s really pretty good and it’s been a while since he was a featured part of the show so there might be some freshness there.

      What’s more, if the rumours of his imminent departure are true, he could have a Batista-like metamorphosis into being a dude who doesn’t give a fuck, which could make him incredibly fun to watch as a result.

      Alberto Del Rio

      Stardust: Yay or Nay?

      Do you like Cody Rhodes as Stardust?



      Cody Rhodes had a good storyline going on awhile back that ended with him and his brother being a pretty good tag team. Cody Rhodes was on a roll. Then WWE creative didn’t know what to do after him and Goldust dropped the tag titles. It was all a blur and now… and now we have this abomination. It’s pretty depressing. At least we get to see them tag some more.



      As much as I love wacky, goofy, nonsensical gimmicks for the humor of it, this is just depressing. During the beginning of The Authority, Cody Rhodes become one of the most loved wrestlers for a good month or two and now he’s here.




      YES PLEASE. If it keeps the Rhodes boys together a little whole longer and gives them some more prominence in the tag division, then I’m hugely in favour of this. I’m not expecting Cody to be Stardust for more than until next year’s ‘Mania though, and I think it’ll just give a little extra spice to his inevitable heel turn. Smeared facepaint! Torn bodysuits! God, I can’t wait.

      What’s more, one of my favourite things in wrestling is when dudes have multiple gimmicks and personas; if Cody ever gets to the stage where he can switch back and forth between Stardust, Dashing Cody, Bitter Formerly-Dashing Cody and Feisty Young Competitor Cody, I’d be pleased as punch.


      Better sport: Soccer or Hockey?

      With the NHL season ending and The World Cup beginning, which sport do you prefer?



      Hockey is way more entertaining to watch. I can sit through both sports but I just tend to to think hockey is more endearing AND NOT FAKE LIKE THAT SOCCER CRAP. It isn’t real and I don’t support it. This has nothing to do with my bad experiences during the three years I played soccer as a child. I swear.



      As resident sports fanatic here on Wrestling On Earth, I must admit I don’t follow either of these sports but I think I’m going to go with soccer. I like ice aspect of hockey vs. the field of soccer but hockey fans are a bit annoying. NHL fans, I should clarify, are like CHIKARA fans. If you’re “in the bubble”, it’s probably the best fan base in its genre. If you’re not, it can turn you away and make you never want to watch it.

      Not to mention, the fact that they allow and encourage needless fighting is a sad statement on society. Soccer at least has more a purity to its game with athletics so I’ll pick the lesser of two unwatched games.



      I like the idea of hockey, but I haven’t seen enough of it to give much of a fuck. What’s more, I live in New York and I’ve found Rangers fans to rival the worst of wrestling fandom in terms of how obnoxious they can be. HOWEVER, nothing will ever compare to the horror of football fans (yeah, football, I SAID IT). I used to work just around the corner from the Chelsea stadium in London and game days made life completely miserable.

      Anyway, the question isn’t about what kind of fans you hate most so… look, it’s football. I understand it and I cared about it from about ’96 to 2000 and that’s enough.


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