This Or That (2/24/2015)

    • This Or That (2/24/2015)

      Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

      Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlargh will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

      Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

      Will Bray Wyatt face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31?

      Yes – 80%, No – 20%

      Which era of Shawn Michaels did you prefer more?

      2000’s – 68%, 90’s – 32%

      Better NXT women’s wrestler?

      Sasha Banks – 72%, Charlotte – 28%

      Better 80’s film?

      Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – 51%, Back to the Future – 49%

      Who are you more interested to see at Wrestlemania: Sting or The Undertaker?

      Who do you care about seeing more?



      I’m really not excited about either and I’m a life-long Sting fan. I was willing to look over his age and be excited for him to get his Wrestlemania moment and retire but WWE has done almost everything to suck the nostalgia out of seeing Sting. They give him horrible theme music and kind of act like they don’t really know how to present his character other than “silence, bat and face paint.” That being said, I really don’t give one shit about The Undertaker at this point. He lost his streak in a bad match to a part-time player just for the moment and now will wrestle someone who probably won’t even get a good match out of him. At least I have hope Triple H will do what he can to take Sting through a decent match.



      I’ve noticed something on social media. Long time wrestling fans who watched Sting in the 90’s seem to be underwhelmed at Sting’s highly anticipated WWE debut. Newer fans unfamiliar with him come off as more impressed. I’m more of the former. Sting just doesn’t feel special to me. Hulk Hogan appearing to sell breast cancer awareness t-shirts still feels like a bigger deal.

      There’s more curiosity in Undertaker. Last year was rough for the old man (or one of the old men in this case) but I want to see at least see how he rebounds from it. This could either be a legendary performance or Michael Jordan coming back to play for the Washington Wizards types of bad.



      My expectations for Steve “The Stingman” Borden and Mr. Michelle McCool are rock bottom, which I’m sure will help. Undertaker looked absolutely dreadful in every way last year, and I doubt another year away is going to help matters much. WWE’s presentation of Sting is pretty uninspiring. It’s not completely awful, but there’s just little things they could be doing to try and maintain his mystique a little more that they’re not bothering with. His stupid old man hair and his dumb jackets and his stupid new theme… they’re all little things, but there’s enough of them to really kill my disinterest.

      I think all odds are on the Stinger being thoroughly mediocre at ‘Mania, whereas, like Joey said, ‘Taker seems more likely to be something amazing or something absolutely dreadful. Can’t wait to find out! At least he’s in there with Bray Wyatt, who’s only ever had terrific feuds and PPV matches. OH WAIT.


      Where do you think Samoa Joe will end up: NXT or NJPW?

      What’s next for Joe?


      Samoa Joe’s Wikipedia photo featuring Rhyno’s ass.


      I have a gut feeling that my main man, Paul “Triple H” Levesque wants to adopt Joe into his merry band of fighters down at NXT. It seems so unlikely but yet… I’m really thinking this could happen. Proud Dad Paul will get a new kid and it will be very interesting. Joe’s going to NXT.



      I get that WWE has a more open mind with the type of wrestlers they give a chance to in NXT now but Samoa Joe has too many strikes against him. His look, his age and the TNA factor. Unless he’s given a Rhyno role as a veteran for the young guys to work with, I can’t see it happening. Joe’s return to ROH is a given so it wasn’t a choice but I definitely see him getting the AJ Styles opportunity of NJPW/ROH being his home promotions while doing other indies making good coin.



      Too old, too established, too big, too unlikely to change. Slap a Bullet Club shirt on him and call it a day.


      More exciting Wrestlemania match potential: Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton or Ziggler vs. Barrett vs. Ambrose vs. R-Truth?

      Which likely match do you care more about?



      A wacky multi-man wrestling match at Wrestlemania is what I live for. Hate that Seth Rollins is going to be in a bland match this year but I think he’ll do his bet to rise above it. Face Randy Orton is the pits and I’m not sure why they’re dragging it out.

      Intercontinental Title 4-Way


      I have no interest in Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton. It will be like every good Randy Orton match. Fine, kinda long, wacky high spot into RKO ending that makes people remember it being better than it was. The silliness of R-Truth in a title match makes the 4-way very wonderful. Imagine how it would set the atmosphere for Roman Reigns big night by having R-Truth pin Dolph Ziggler in the opener!

      Intercontinental title 4 way


      Face Orton isn’t something I enjoy AT ALL, but young Seth Rollins is a helluva talent and I enjoy old Joseph Mercury and James Noble clowning around. Dean Ambrose is KINDA BORING right now, and even though I enjoy Barrett, Ziggler and Truth can: fuck off.

      PLEASE NOTE: I reserve the right to change my mind if they add my favourite wrestler, Fandango, to the I-C title match, or if they make it a wacky gimmick match where someone might get seriously hurt.

      Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

      Better weird 90’s artist: Fred Durst or Kid Rock?

      People we can’t believe we used to love.


      Very close friends of Carson Daly.


      I think both are garbage and I wouldn’t dare put either of those in my ears at this point in my life. As a youngster I did love me some Limp Bizkit though. I’m very ashamed of it but at least they weren’t as horrid as that no-good Kid Rock and boy, he’s sure evolved into something even worse. I also had a lucky red baseball hat.

      Fred Durst


      Very ashamed to admit I loved Kid Rock but I have ZERO shame for my Limp Bizkit fandom as a kid. I wore a backwards red Yankees cap because of the fashion statement shown by Mr. Fred Durst. Limp Bizkit also provided music for the greatest WWE video package of all time. Suck it.

      Fred Durst


      I think Kid Rock seems like more of a dick and I didn’t really care for any of his Attitude Era bangerz in the same way I did the songs of L-I-M-P Bizkit is right here. Also, I think Frederick Durst loves wrestling in a more genuine and real way – you could play as him in one of the Smackdown games, for God’s sake. Oh, and! Fred had the good sense to mostly disappear after the early 2000s, whereas the arrogant Kid Rock keeps trying to force new summer jams on us.

      Fred Durst


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