This Or That (11/26/2014)

    • This Or That (11/26/2014)

      Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

      Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlargh will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

      Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

      Was the Montreal Screwjob a work?

      No – 87%, Yes – 13%

      Better original WWE PPV theme?

      King of the Ring tournament – 60%, Survivor Series elimination matches – 40%

      Better Survivor Series MSG event?

      2002 – 67%, 1996 – 33%

      Superior fruit?

      Bananas – 52%, Apples – 48%

      Who would you rather see face Triple H at Wrestlemania 31: The Rock or Sting?

      Who should play THE GAME at Wrestlemania 31?



      I don’t think either match-up would be anything to write home about. The Rock didn’t impress me with any of his return matches and his promos make me dislike him so much. I am all for Sting vs Triple H in this scenario. It’s something different and I’m curious as to the direction they will go. I think Sting deserves a Wrestlemania retirement match and if not Undertaker I can settle for Triple H who is on top of his game this year.



      I’d much rather get The Rock vs. Triple H for the build. The Rock tries really hard to bring the “reality era” to his feuds when he returns as seen in his promos vs. CM Punk and John Cena. It didn’t work out too well but likely would be more suited for someone like Triple H given their past rivalry. I’d enjoy getting a kick out of the two having one more match. Sting and Triple H have no history and I’m not sure I trust the current WWE team to make up for them that makes sense.

      The Rock


      It’s really hard to know how to place Sting at Wrestlemania. A match with Triple H seems most likely, but even if I’m fantasy booking something completely different, I can’t think of too many options that are more appealing. Undertaker, I guess? Though mostly for the entrances. Something with almost any of the younger guys would feel REALLY weird and there aren’t too many older guys left for him to roll around with.

      Even so though, him and Triple H seem like an odd fit whereas I think The Rock and Triple H could be a decently fun time. There’s a lot of history to play on and I think the two are both pretty bulletproof as far as their positions go, so they can throw as many mean barbs back and forth without it leaving any lasting damage. UNLEASH THE HEAVY SHOTS, SURE HOPE THEY DESERVE THEM.

      The Rock

      Better ’90s fan sign movement: Austin 3:16 or RVD 4:20?

      Who ya got?



      Austin 3:16 was a historic line for Stone Cold and WWE. I don’t think anything can match it but if anything came close it would be the ridiculous “RVD 4:20.” Does it top it? No way but it is was always hilarious to me how dumb yet fitting it was for ECW at the time and RVD. But when it is on a sign, I’d say the RVD ones were way more creative.

      RVD 4:20


      No one got higher than Rob Van Dam. It’s a fun time watching old ECW shows on the Network and seeing dozens of RVD 4:20 signs every time. I also much prefer looking back at RVD matches from the RVD 4:20 Era than Steve Austin matches. It’s clearly the Van Daminator.

      RVD 4:20



      I prefer Austin 3:16 but I wish this tasteful variant had been an option:

      Austin 3:16

      Better Thanksgiving tradition: NFL games or the Macy’s Parade?

      Which tradition do you like more?



      I’ve been having trouble getting into the holidays the last few years because I guess I’m just crabby or some shit but if one thing can raise my spirits and make me think “this isn’t so bad after all” it’s a bunch of big-ass balloons, people lip-synching, and ridiculous dance numbers. I can get into a football game but parades are cool as hell, especially when you can just watch them on TV.

      The Macy’s Parade


      Ashamed to admit this but I enjoy the NFL games way more like a lame ass American that I am. It’s become a big part of Thanksgiving fun for me. As cool as it would be to catch the Macy’s Parade, I just can’t say no to sleeping in. Besides, I can gamble on fantasy football with the three games on one day now. That’s what America is all about.

      NFL games


      FUCK AMERICAN FOOTBALL, IT’S A DUMB BORING GAME. The Macy’s Day Parade is incredible. I wish it was broadcast around the world because it would make every other country even more confused about America and Americans. It just jumps around so chaotically from one set of characters to another with really weird celebrity guests in between and the commentary… good lord, the commentary is something else. I love it. Can’t wait.

      The Macy’s Parade

      Better Thanksgiving meal treat: Cranberry jelly or candied yams?

      The hard hitting question.



      I LOVE BOTH SO MUCH. I don’t know if I can choose but it looks like I have to. This or That demands it. I’ll go with cranberry jelly because I have that less in a year. I have candied yams two or three times in a year usually. Cranberry jelly is a real treat and if you don’t like it we have a real problem.

      Cranberry Jelly


      Cranberry jelly is a wonderful contrast to the Thanksgiving day meal foods and I love it so much. I usually only start it during meal 2 of the day and it often signifies a great day coming to an end. Candied yams are okay but nothing special. Plus it reminds me of Tazz. No way does that compare to cranberry jelly.

      Cranberry Jelly


      Eh. I’m not even sure if I’ve have candied yams, to be honest. The dishes I’m making as contribution to Thanksgiving tomorrow are two solid British classics: roast potatoes (FUCK MASHED POTATOES 4 LIFE) and sausages wrapped in bacon. Both are terrific and will outshine all yams and cranberries in the vicinity.

      Anyway, what? Candied yams, I guess. They sound stupid and disgusting, KIND OF LIKE THIS WHOLE F’ING COUNTRY, YEAH, I SAID IT. DON’T TAKE ME OFF THE AIR. TAKE ME OFF THE AIR. DON’T TAKE ME OFF TH-

      Candied yams


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