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This Or That: 1/27/2014

Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

Over five questions, @TimWelcomed, @typicalROHfan and @TomBlackett will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

First off, here’s last week’s results:

Better yearly PPV?

Royal Rumble – 65%, Wrestlemania – 35%

More exciting potential WM feud?

Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar – 56%, Triple H vs. CM Punk – 44%

More likely to hold a TNA title by the end of 2014?

American Wolves – 88%, Sting – 12%

Better to visit?

Zoos – 65%, Aquariums – 35%

Lamer rumored Wrestlemania match: Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus or Batista vs. Randy Orton?

Both matches seem likely with the rumored Wrestlemania plans starting last night. What match pisses you off more?


They are both awful matches to even have to think about but I am going to go with Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus.  Daniel Bryan and Sheamus can have great matches. They had one of my favorite 2 Out Of 3 Falls matches at Extreme Rules 2012. It was even my favorite Sheamus match ever. However, Daniel Bryan is WAY too hot right now to be saddled wrestling someone like Sheamus on the biggest stage of them all. Not to mention that Sheamus as a character is always extremely annoying.

There are three things that could happen here.

1: Sheamus wins. Oh god… That is scary.

2: Daniel Bryan gets his revenge and beats Sheamus in 18 seconds or less. It would make the most sense with their history but would totally leave us without a decent Daniel Bryan match.

3: Daniel Bryan defeats Sheamus in a decent match that doesn’t get enough time because of all of the other “high-profile” matches.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus 


Before giving my answer, Randy Orton vs. Batista is my nightmare. It consists of my two least favorite performers of the last era in terms of many facets I will explain in a piece closer to Wrestlemania. That being said, my answer has to be Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus.

Bryan’s red hot buzz was sabotaged to make sure he stays in that 2nd tier position on the card with guys like Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and The Big Show. The only problem with that was the fans have started to revolt and treat him as if he’s THE guy. You’d assume with the last 6 months that he’d have a title program or face someone like The Undertaker or John Cena. Nope. It’s Sheamus. Fucking Sheamus. Unless plans change the fans at live shows push their hands, what an absolute waste and slap in the face to wrestling fans.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus


It’s a tough one to call – Orton / Batista is undoubtedly the match that I want to see less, but there’s something incredibly depressing about the idea of Bryan wrestling Sheamus at Wrestlemania for the third time in four years, even if the first two times barely count. I really loved their two out of three falls match at Extreme Rules 2012 but after the year Bryan’s had, is this the best they can manage for him?

Having said that, Batista vs. Orton main eventing a Wrestlemania in 2014 is a massive pile of shit, so I’m forced to pick that.

Batista vs. Randy Orton

Bigger star making performance at the Royal Rumble: Bray Wyatt or Roman Reigns?

Bray Wyatt had a classic match and huge win over Daniel Bryan. Roman Reigns dominated the Royal Rumble before getting eliminated. Who had the bigger star making performance?


Roman Reigns has yet to really have “that moment” but I do believe it will come. He looked great without a doubt but I really think with Bray Wyatt being a heel that cleanly defeated one of the most over competitors in a show-stealer and then starting an angle against Cena, it was his first real big night. Bray proved that he has grown in the ring and is more than just a good character.

Bray Wyatt  


Such a tough one but I think it’s Bray Wyatt. Wyatt is a great promo and a unique performer but I’ve been a little hard in my criticisms of him. This is due to the fact that I watched him as Husky Harris during the NXT episodes on SciFi TV. In a class that had the hype of indie sensation Low Ki/Kaval and Mr. Perfect’s son, I was impressed most in the ring by Bray and felt he could be better.

Interesting enough, back then his matches were pretty great and his promos were awful. It felt like things changed as he debuted Bray Wyatt with some hideous matches and stellar promos. Last night proved he can be a good in ring performer and he showed some of his unique strengths. We don’t know what Reigns will look like in singles but we’ve now seen excellent promos and a MOTY performance from Wyatt. He’s here. (Booooo! That was corny. I’m aware!)

Bray Wyatt


Very tough. I loved the Bryan / Bray match and I think it did a lot to establish Wyatt as a guy that’s ready to be in main events. However, the reaction Reigns got in the Rumble was pretty incredible, since he ended up the only guy to elicit a positive reaction from that furious crowd. THIS IS REALLY TOUGH.

I genuinely think they’re on pretty even footing, but I’ll say Reigns for now – as unfair as it might seem, the Daniel Bryan factor does make it difficult to gauge how good Bray Wyatt really is. The optimist in me wants to believe that Wyatt will be able to start having great matches regularly now, but we’ll have to wait and see how he does with Cena. Meanwhile, it’s just as easy to have doubts about how Reigns will perform as a regular singles competitor, but the Rumble left me really wanting to see more.

Roman Reigns

Better independent wrestling champion: Adam Cole or Johnny Gargano?

Adam Cole has been the PWG champ for over a year and is the current ROH champion as well. Johnny Gargano has been the DGUSA champ for over two years. Who’s a better champ on the indie scene?


This is a tough one. They are both two of my favorites but it comes down to that I slightly prefer Gargano matches and I prefer Gargano on the mic over Adam Cole. Johnny Gargano is legitimately one of (if not the only) reasons I pay attention to DGUSA anymore while Adam Cole is someone I love to see in ROH but is in no way the only person that interests me as a character on their roster.

Johnny Gargano 


Both of these guys personify the best of the independent wrestling scene and have become my two most must see acts. I absolutely adore Adam Cole and think he was the right choice for ROH to give the ball to but I’m going with Johnny Gargano, slightly due to his position.

DGUSA and the WWNLive world is a place that I and many others just can’t resolute with. We love many of the performers and acknowledge there’s good matches but it becomes difficult to gather interest. Johnny Gargano changed that for me. I’ve been keeping up with the shows a little more due to his dynamic and memorable performances vs. Shingo and Chris Hero. Not to mention his matches vs. Willie Mack, Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin were among my favorite PWG matches of 2013.

Johnny Gargano


Sadly, I’ve not seen enough of Gargano as DG:USA champ to really let me give him much consideration for this one – what little I’ve seen has been great, but I’ve been completely enthralled by Adam Cole as champ for almost a year and a half now, so I’ll have to go with everyone’s favourite Sexy Wrestler of the Week.

Adam Cole 

Better dessert: Cake or Pie?

Self explanatory. You must prefer one. Or die.


I love a good ice cream cake and cheesecake more than I will ever love any pie but overall I prefer pies over regular ole cakes. Give me something with some fruit in it. Maybe some sweet potato. The consistency of cake and icing makes my skin crawl. I’d rather dump a bowl of sugar on some bread.



My birthday is coming up in less than two weeks and I’m dreading someone getting me a birthday cake. Cakes are the Randy Orton of the dessert industry. Looks good in person, looks great on paper but will only entertain you once in a blue moon.

Screw that mushy mess and the poison that is cake frosting. Pie gives you the facade that you’re actually enjoying fruit mixed with its appetite quenching boner ingredients. The variety is so much more consistent too. It’s all great. Apple, berries, pumpkin, cherry. Pie rules and you know it.

Disclaimer – I do enjoy cupcakes but fuck your traditional cake!



Look, I’ve had some REALLY shitty pie. I think it’s fair to say that, in general, store bought pies are far more disappointing on a regular basis than store bought cake. What’s more, while your standard birthday cake might be kinda bland, the ice-cream / carrot / cheese variants of cake are almost always home-runs.

When you really get down to it though, home-made pie is one of life’s greatest joys. It’s all about the crust, man. You get the crust right, and you can have the filling be pretty much whatever you want. As much as I want to be contrary, I’m going to have to make it a clean sweep for pie.


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