Things Lance Storm Dislikes: Volume 2

    • Things Lance Storm Dislikes: Volume 2

      Lance Storm still dislikes a lot of things.

      We compiled a list of some of things Lance Storm has expressed his dislike for and it was met with great response. Since the original was created last Summer, Storm has found more things he has a dislike for so we are debuting a 2nd volume.

      Here was the first edition of Things Lance Storm Dislikes if you missed it.

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      Lists of things he dislikes




      An MMA guy named Diaz

      Comparing people

      Initially teaming with Justin Credible

      Dancing gimmick

      When WWE put Christian’s name before his

      Carl from The Walking Dead

      Breaking Bad


      Breaking Bad AND Dexter

      The Myron Bolitar series by Harlan Coban

      Seeing Summer Rae go (but loves to watch her leave)

      The Cloud

      The Ascension promo on RAW

      The Ascension promo on RAW very much

      The Ascension promo on RAW very, very much

      John Cena’s workout puns

      John Cena’s fans defending John Cena’s workout puns

      Cancer charities

      ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for charity

      Most charities


      I asked him if he was still boycotting Raw the week after he started due to Ascension promo.


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