The Wild World of WCW Announcer Fashion

    • The Wild World of WCW Announcer Fashion

      WCW was weird.

      When you watch WCW pay per views, it’s clear that fashion was a big part of the WCW announcer life when it came to the themed shows. Life was tough for broadcasters in the pro wrestling business. Enjoy.

      Here’s the announcers on a normal night


      Handsome gentlemen in their own right

      Here’s the guys on Road Wild aka Hog Wild aka Eric Bischoff’s motorcycle circle jerk show


      You can go straight to hell, Eric Bischoff.


      Poor Mean Gene couldn’t even escape this.


      The tradition continued another year


      Schiavone toned it down.

      And another


      That leather jacket…

      And one more time


      Tenay and Heenan have given up.

      At least they got to the beach


      Tony’s facial expression say it all.

      How about the old school WCW announcers?



      Halloween was a wacky time for WCW


      Again, poor Tony. (That’s Tony.)

      Very wacky


      The face of evil

      Very, very wacky


      He wore this when he fired Steve Austin.

      Very, very, very wacky


      God bless the WWE Network.

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