The Puro Reportu: G1 Climax Edition

    • The Puro Reportu: G1 Climax Edition

      Japanese wrestling (known to experts as ‘puroresu’) is the world’s only REAL form of professional wrestling and Tom is the Internet’s only REAL authority on the subject.


      • This year’s G1 Tournament has been a sensational exhibition of strong style wrestling action. I have watched every G1 and can confirm that the workrate has NEVER been higher. If you aren’t watching, I do not respect you as a wrestling fan.


      • Kazuchika ‘The Rainmaker’ Okada is a wrestler that deserves to be in every Hall of Fame on the planet. It is shameful that TNA had him for over a year and did nothing with this spectacular talent.


      • As a sidenote, I can confirm that I will be boycotting Impact until they make Seiya Sanada world champion. It is embarrassing to only ever see him on their terrible Spin Cycle show (which is NOT FUNNY) with those clowns EC3, Spud and Robbie E.

      This is disgusting.

      • If you claim to love wrestling but you don’t watch puroresu then you ARE racist.


      • I am disgusted that gaijin wrestlers will be given ANY time on the G1 climax show. Max and Jeremy Buck aka The Young Bucks have earned my respect through their work in the Bullet Club but Adam Cole and Mike ‘Michael’ Bennett have NOT spent ANY time at the New Japan dojo. If they had any respect, they would work as unpaid young boys for two years before debuting on the undercard.


      • If you buy New Japan t-shirts through Pro Wrestling Tees then you are a fake fan. If you want to buy the REAL Japanese garments, please let me know and I will put you in touch with my contact (but I WILL expect a tip for this service and there are NO REFUNDS).


      This is one of the many spectacular official New Japan t-shirts I can procure for you. The price is $150 + shipping (NOT NEGOTIABLE).

      • The fact that Shelton X Benjamin was never a world champion in WWE is proof that American wrestling is a joke.


      • Sources are saying that Taka Michinoku is looking to have one last legendary run before retiring. Even thinking about Taka’s last match makes me cry openly (not ashamed).


      • This is still unconfirmed but look for Philip ‘The Punker’ Brooks to debut in New Japan. Sources say that he is extremely impressed by the fighting spirit shown by all the fantastic strong style stars and that is enough motivation for him to return to wrestling and prove himself.


      • I haven’t watched Raw for 10 years. If you still tune in then you are a child and NOT a wrestling fan.


      • KENTA and Prince ‘Fergal’ Devitt are traitors to strong style and I will block and report you as spam if you discuss them on social media.

      – If you love puroresu and want to discuss it with Tom in a RESPECTFUL way, you can tweet him @TomBlargh. Do NOT talk to him about any sports entertainment bullshit as you WILL be blocked.



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